Thursday, 7 December 2017

Goggle Introduces Android 8.1 Oreo | Android Oreo (Go edition)

Android is one of the most used operating system in smartphones and with frequent updates, we enjoy new features and security with our Android smartphones. Google just launched the Android Oreo (Go edition) for low end Android Smartphone, here, we are talking about phones that either runs with 512MB or 1GB of RAM.
Android Oreo Go

Android 8.1 introduces support for our new Android Oreo (Go edition) software experience for entry-level devices. Android Oreo (Go edition) brings the best of Android to the rapidly growing market for low-memory devices around the world, including your apps and games.  At Google I/O this year, we gave an early look at a project we called “Android Go” to make this possible. We’re excited to announce that this software experience—Android Oreo (Go edition)—is ready, and launching as a part of the Android 8.1 release tomorrow.

Android Oreo devices with 512MB to 1GB of memory will come with the all the Go optimizations. This Android Oreo (Go edition) experience is made up of three key components:

  • Operating System: Performance and storage improvements to the OS with data management features and security benefits built-in.
  • Google Apps: A new set of Google apps, designed to be lighter and relevant to the unique needs of people who are coming online for the first time.
  • Google Play Store: A tuned version of the Google Play Store that allows you to download any app, but also highlights the apps designed to work best on your device.
The main interest of the Android Oreo (Go edition) is that it brings the best of Android to the rapidly growing market for low-memory devices around the world, including your apps and games.Android Oreo (Go edition)
Android Oreo (Go edition) has been enhanced for speed and reliability on entry-level devices, which means the average app is now 15 percent faster on devices running Android Oreo (Go edition).
But there is a different from Android Oreo GO Editon and the Android ONE! The Edition is meant to run strictly on Low end smartphone but things are changing while the Android ONE which is Google partners directly with the manufacturer to decide what goes on the phone and keep it up to date.

Android Oreo Go Apps

Android Oreo (Go edition) comes with popular Google apps to address local needs. Preinstalled on Android Oreo (Go edition) devices, this set of optimized apps includes Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome, and the new Files Go app by Google. Android Go is a full release of Android available from the Android Open Source Project for any manufacturer to use. However, you ought to be aware that Android Oreo Go edition special comes from Google’s own apps. So it’s not totally clear how much impact we’ll actually see in areas where Google’s apps aren't available — that is to say, China.
Basically, the main goal of Android Oreo Go is getting more users on Android. Google is eyeing that "next billion."



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