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Tips for Having Better Pleasure

You are together for quite a long time, and you feel that your pleasure life is not as great as it used to be? Of course, you can put the blame on your girlfriend, but think how much do you try to impress her in bed? Yep, seems like “how to have better pleasure” is definitely one of your favourite search requests on Google. The problem is that Google will give you millions of ways to have better pleasure leaving you confused and not knowing where to start from. It seems like our article is here to save the day and solve the 'how to have a better pleasure life'-mystery. We offer you to learn our tips on how to have better pleasure without further ado.

1. Pleasure List

Most likely you make those to-do lists from time to time. Why not trying making pleasure lists? Write down all the pleasure positions and pleasure practices you would like to try tonight. Probably there were few things you would have liked to try with your partner but was too afraid to ask about it. Then write it down and leave it for your girlfriend. Mind that she can make pleasure lists too, making your pleasure life more interesting.

2. Watching More Adult Movies Together

A lot of surveys prove that watching pleasure movies together makes you closer to each other. Moreover, couples that watch adult movies together have more pleasure experience than those who don't. Besides, you can get some new positions from adult movies that will spice up your dating life.

3. Going to the Gym Together

Having better pleasure training may require some sweating, so physical training may really help you. You see, sweating enhances the production of pheromones. Pheromones are the chemicals designed for the attraction of the mate. Going to the gym together will make you feel the scent of each other, which will turn both of you on.

4. Flirting

While you may think that flirting is something that is required only on the first phase of your dating, it actually relevant throughout your relationship. Remember how flirting was turning you on your first few dates? Why won't it turn you on now? Continue flirting and allow your partner to flirt with you, as verbal stimulation works perfectly for having better pleasure. If you want to try flirting with a beautiful, you can always find someone attractive at These girls are willing to talk to you and flirt!

5. Longer Doesn't Mean Better

Although a lot of romance novels describe pleasure scenes that last for hours and hours, it is better to take your inspiration from adult mlvies. How much one pleasure act lasts in rated adult movies, twenty minutes to half an hour? Well, it is exaggerated, as according to the vast majority of surveys, the desirable lovemaking lasts between seven to thirteen minutes. Maybe that's just enough time for getting what you want without feeling exhausted?

6. Try a Group fun

Group fun like three or more is the perfect way to spice up your pleasure life. First of all, a group fun is a new experience, which may change your attitude to pleasure forever. Secondly, it will make you understand how much you appreciate each other in bed. Mind that if one of you is overly jealous, group fun might be a not that great idea.

7. Keep Social Networks Away

Last, but not the least, it is important to put away your devices in order to have good pleasure. It is unlikely that you will turn on your partner sitting next to her and scrolling through the Facebook feed.



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