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Share Screen Skype For Windows-Mac | Share Screen Live On Skype

Share Skype Screen | Screen Sharing Skype Live
Skype is a social messaging site where we connect with friends live via video chat or live call, send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, eMojis and more via the website or via the app. Before you can share your Skype Screen, you would need to download Skype app, register skype account and Login your Skype account.  
Share Screen Skype 
Skype is widely among various counties and supports more than 50 languages so that you can connect with friends on skype around the world. Before we proceed on how to share screen skype on Windows and skype, we will enumerate the features of Skype Messenger.

Features of Skype | Why you need to Open a Skype Account

  • Send text, photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, eMojis, call and go live on with friends on Skype.
  • Faster Skype to Skype audio calls to anywhere in the world for free. Make cheaper  international and local call to anyone via Skype app or Skype website, Operator data charges may apply, expected to use unlimited data plan or WiFi connection
  • Enjoy free group calls with your family, friends or work partners with Skype group calling, including conference calling and group chats, you can make group video chat or conference call for up to 25 people.
  • Live chat, sms and emojis on Skype with Skype instant messenger so that you won't be left out from enjoying Skype.
  • Supports voice and text messages. Skype can automatically handle all your incoming calls when you’re too busy to answer calls.
  • Languages features during video and audio calls including voice and text messages.

How do I Share Screen in Skype?

There are basically two medium to share Skype screen:
1. Using the Skype app
2. With Screen Recorder

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Method One: Using the Skype app
Below are the steps to share Skype Screen using Skype app
1. Launch your Skype app and Sign your Skype account
2. Click a recipient's name whom you want to share your screen to.Select the friend and tap the video camera or call icon in the top-right side of the window
3. At bottom of the screen, Click the “+” symbol
4. Choose Share screen (Use the Share your screen drop-down to choose what to share - either your full screen or a specific window before you click start)
5. Next, Click “Start” in the pop-up window to share your screen
6. Select Stop once you are done sharing your Skype screen. 

Method Two: With Screen Recorder
This is not the official supported way to share Skype screen but used by professionals to record their Skype screen for sharing. Aiseesoft Skype Recorder is a professional skype screen recorder which supports full size recording, high quality records and easy to use.
Ensure you have downloaded and installed Aiseesoft Screen Recorder before you follow the procedures below
1. Launch Screen recorder for your Windows or mac Pc
2. Choose the record quality, either full size support and Microphone audio support features
3. Launch Skype app and Login your account.
4. Go to the contact video or call you wish to share screen with and Click “REC” to record screen.
5. Click the stop button to stop the screen recording.
You can preview the Skype video chat in WMV/MP4 and save to Computer.
You may wish to send the recorded Skype screen record to anyone and have successfully shared skype screen for your Windows or Mac PC.



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