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How to Download Music from SoundCloud on your Android

SoundCloud is a top music podcast streaming platforms for streaming music and podcasts around the world where you can upload your own music, favorite DJ mix, listen to tracks and your favorite music. Listening to the song is like streaming the song online, but there is need to download it and stream music offline. There is a problem to download the Soundcloud MP3s in the official app without paying for SoundCloud Pro which requires paying.
download songs from soundcloud app android

This is involves two best methods to download Soundcloud music to your Android smartphone. First method requires a rooted smartphone and downloading from the soundcloud app while the other requires using SoundLoud, soundcloud downloader app android so that you can download the music from Soundcloud with your Smartphone.

Method One: Download SoundCloud Music Using Soundcloud app

This is involves downloading straight from the official SoundCloud app. This is basically the best medium to download songs from SoundCloud on an Android device.
·         Android Device Rooted
·         Xposed FrameWork Installed
·         Soundcloud app installed
How to download Music from SoundCloud Using SoundCloud App

Developers skyguy126 and stirante have created an Xposed module to download soundcloud music with ease.

How do I Download Songs from Soundcloud App Android?
1. Open Xposed Installer app and navigate to the Download section in the side navigation menu. 
2. Click on the search icon and type SoundCloud
3. Click on the top result, SoundCloudDownloader
4. Required to Download the latest version of SoundCloud downloader, tap on it and Click "Install" when prompted.
5. After installation, ensure to activate the module and reboot to finish up.
6. Launch SoundCloud official app and play the song you wish to download.
7. Next, go ahead and launch SoundCloud Downloader, where you can change the download location and hide the launcher icon if you'd like. Once you're satisfied with these settings, open up the official SoundCloud app and play any song, 
8. Tap the three-dot menu button and the bottom right side and tap "Download
The download will begin and with good internet connections, in no time, download the soundcloud mp3 android 

Method Two: Using SoundLoud to download SoundCloud Music

Soundloud is a soundCloud android music downloader that allows you save Soundcloud music offline to your android phone

How do I download SoundCloud Music with SoundLoud
1. Download SoundLoud apk and install it
2. Next, go your SoundCloud app and visit the music you wish to download
3. Tap the three-dot menu button and the bottom right side and tap "Share" 
4. Click on SoundLoud to begin download
soundcloud music android download

Your SoundCloud music will begin to download offline to your android phone and be saved in no time.


All downloaded SoundCloud Music are saved to the default saved location selected in the module's main interface, so you can easily play it with your music player or share the song to your friends. Having any issue with soundcloud music download, feel free to drop your comments below.



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