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How to Install, Register and Activate Umobile UBA Mobile Banking App

UBA Mobile Banking App, UBA is providing a completely enhanced mobile banking (formerly known as U-Mobile) experience to its customers with this new app.
uba online banking app

Banking services are easily accessible and on the go through new features such as:

Quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option on devices that support this feature
Faster navigation with the sliding menu available on all user sessions
Fewer, more intuitive screens enhancing user experience
ATM/Branch locator
24-hour customer service support via live chat
Quick selection of phone numbers from device contacts list for airtime top up
Favourites list creation for easier transactions
Automatic insertion of OTP received via SMS on transaction screen
Auto reminders for recurrent bill payments and transfers

How to Install and Register UBA Online Bank App

1. First download Uba Online Banking App from the link below and install it on the mobile device and open it.

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2. Agree to the terms and conditions and move to the next screen.
3. Depending on your preference as a customer, select one of the 3 options presented to you to register for U-mobile.
4. If you select “register account”, you are expected to go to the nearest UBA business office and fill a form to receive a default PIN directly on your phone which enables you to start transacting using U-Mobile.
5. If you select either the “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options and entered your details correctly, a default PIN is automatically generated and sent directly to your mobile to enable you start transacting using U-Mobile.
If “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options are selected, you do not need to visit any UBA Business Office, these options were designed for customers who have a debit or prepaid card issued by UBA plc to enable you start and complete U-Mobil

How to Activate Umobile UBA Mobile Banking App

Select “Security” from the U-Mobile Main Screen.
From the submenu, select “PIN change” and follow the prompt
Enter old PIN i.e. the default PIN
Enter a memorable word, this is a word of your own choice.
Input your new PIN and then re-confirm the new PIN
Select account to use (Preset to default)
Select account type (Saving or current).
From the option button on the phone, choose “Select line” and then click on “Proceed” to consummate the process.
Customer receives SMS notification confirming successful change of PIN.



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