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How to Import goods from China and Usa to Nigeria and Make Millions (Download Free Ebook)

Most Nigerians earn their living as an importer in Nigeria. The import goods and products of various kinds from China, USA and other countries and sell it in Nigeria. There are so many goods you can import from China and USA into Nigeria and sell for good profit but how exactly do you go about the process to import goods from China to Nigeria? What are the importation requirements and regulations? This post will try to explain not just how to import from China but the general importation requirements and procedures in Nigeria.
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N10,000 can do nothing for you as far as importation is concerned, not even N100,000. If you want to import goods from China to Nigeria and sell to make money, you have to get professional about it.

Things to Consider Before Importing From China and USA

First: You need to start by scouting for the type of goods you want to import. Be diligent about it and balance your decision with proper reasoning. You have to make the list of products you think that will sell in Nigeria, I mean products that are not common in the market or products that are common but still hot cake.
Keypoint – China Laptops, Pads, Mobile phones, Children toys of all kinds, and Shoes are known to sell very well in Nigeria. While this is not a recommendation by me, you can as well look into that direction and see if it fits into your desired goods for importation.
Second: Having isolated some of the goods you think can do well in the market in Nigeria and decided on the particular one you want to import, the second step is to make a selection of merchants that deals with those goods in China. You don’t have to travel to China as the case may be except you have much amount of money to foot the travel bill. All you need to do is to make use of some of the China popular merchant websites such as
Keypoint – It’s easy to identify trusted merchants on a website like due to the stringent security procedures they employ in certifying their trusted merchants. So, you don’t have to be afraid of contacting a merchant online, it is very safe and secure to some reasonable extend. But that doesn’t mean the system is infallible, you still need to take serious precaution especially if big amount is involved.
Third: Start negotiation with the merchants to find out whose terms of contract will be most suitable to you. There are some important things you’d have to agree upon apart from the price of the goods. You will have to discuss and agree on method of shipment and mode of payment.
As someone who is new to international trade, buying and importing good from a country as diverse and deep as China can be a bit risky sometimes, it is therefore advisable that you use escrow services where possible for payment to dealers on Chinese sites.
You may start by buying smaller quality of product for a particular dealer over time to establish how trust worth he is. Then you increase your order gradually. Verified merchants are dealers who have been doing business successfully on the site without any complain. Those are people you want to be patronizing; so before you place order with any dealer, check if he is verified.
Method of shipment is another critical factor to look into and agree upon and don’t forget that the type of shipment you use can greatly influence the final price of your goods. But should be the least of your concern since are not the cosigner. The method is the dealer’s to worry about as long as you have agreed and settled the price of goods.

Have you ever want to buy from China and USA without being fraud?

If yes, then this is for you. Online importation is the process of buying products online from online shops (ecommerce). The world is now a global village and technology advancement has made it possible to purchase goods anywhere online at your finger tips. Below are reason why you should venture into ecommerce for importation:
  • Reduce the cost of capital
  • Reduce time consumption
  • Avoid the stress of traveling
For the past 10 years, online shopping has grown enormously to the extent you can shop for clothes, shoes, watches, etc.
The most interesting part of buying online is that you can buy anything at anytime wherever you are, all you need is an internet active computer or a smart phone. There are hundreds of international online stores where you can buy anything you want and get it here in Nigeria.  You can buy either for commercial or personal purposes. Most local ecommerce sites in Nigeria buy from international markets and sell it at a higher price here in Nigeria. You can buy anything as low as $1 and get it here in Nigeria without paying for shipping cost. There are two major places where you can import from they are China and USA. These are two of the world’s largest market. China is mainly known for its cheap products and USA is known for its quality products.
However buying online can be sometimes risky and unreliable if you don’t understand how it works. 

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