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How to Transfer Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) to Steem Wallet | Best Steem coin wallet

Steemit is a social media that rewards their users who upload articles, images, commentary, etc. Other ways users can get paid is through sourcing and up-voting popular content. Wondering how to buy steem power,  steem or SPD from your bitcoin account.

Steps to Convert Bitcoin to your Steem wallet as steem, steem power or SBD

Here's a quick write up on how to transfer btc to steem wallet. 
1. Login to your steemit account. 
2. Go to your profile wallet.
3. Locate the tiny arrow underneath STEEM or SBD and click on it (Choose whether to buy STEEM or STEEM DOLLAR or STEEM POWER).
In this tutorial, I will use Steem as example.
4. Under your STEEM wallet, Click on BUY
buy steem power
5. You'll be redirected to block trade. Select the Cryptocurrency you have at the top and the one u want to convert into. 
Input the amount.
Your receive address as your Steemit username as shown below

6. Click on Get Deposit Address.
buy steem
7. Copy the STEEM wallet id 
best steem wallet
8. Go to your block chain account to send the bitcoin or ether to the wallet id copied.
( recommended)

9. Click on send
best steem crypto wallet

10. Fill in your steem desktop wallet info as shown below:
Paste the copied wallet ID
Input the amount of BTC or ETHER you want to send
Type your description put it's not compulsory
Then click on send.
Convert Bitcoin to your Steem 
Bitcoin Transaction fee will be deducted depending on the amount you send.

This is the best guide to convert your bitcoin to steem wallet so that can buy steem power, steem or steem dollar



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