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How to Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in Android

Reading Whatsapp messages from your contact is made visible with the little blue ticks that appears next to a sent message. However, what about group messages, those that have many members with these seeing exactly who has read your message is not so easy
Back then when we text someone, they may claim to ignore the text or didn't see it even after seeing the received blue sign. These days with the number of messages coming in on an active group per minute is just to much and one would love to know how many people in a group actually received or read his/her message probably to catch those that usually lie that they didn't see the message at all. Moreover this post is actually for you because if you consider what happens on WhatsApp every minute.
You'd want to actually take this steps to know if your messages were actually received or read by your friends in a group on WhatsApp. For any message that you send, you will be able to see a Message info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered, read or played by the recipient. 

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How do I see if someone has read your message on a WhatsApp group?

You can now see group participants that read your Whatsapp message sent in a group. 
  • First, locate the message sent.
  • Click hold on It.
  • Tap the info button or the "i" button above.

check whatsapp read messages
  • After clicking the info button at the top it will now open the list of people that read and received your message.

I believe the screen shots and illustrations would help you on how to know who read whatsapp group message.
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