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How To Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free In 2017

What’s Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool that helps Bloggers to write good content. It not only helps Bloggers, but it also helps other persons. It is one is world’s best online grammar checker tool( According To It Name And Experience Of Using It) it can check various types of errors including spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary usage and more.
grammarly free premium account

That is the short definition of Grammarly, I hope you understand, if not you can drive my attention to that.
Grammarly is not only for Spelling Errors or Grammatical Errors, Even It also Provides you suggestions of words while writing an Article and Provide you with a Suitable word.

Uses Of Grammarly

Yes, the heading is right, as I said in the first paragraph, Grammarly is a great tool, so I must prove myself.
Many people use grammar, but I will give you the set of people who use it.
  • Bloggers: To Check Errors and wrong spellings in their posts
  • Teachers: As for teachers, they use it to check errors and wrong spellings in exams ( I mean technologically advanced teacher)
  • Journalists: They give us news, so it must be accurate and free from errors and blunders.
Other people who use it are authors( Books writers), Doctors, lawyers, Business Man And Woman Etc.

Why Should You Use Grammarly Extension

Whether you are a Blogger or Freelance writer, you will have to take it seriously that your articles do not include most common grammatical errors because it affects you in some ways:
Authority: If you are a blogger then it is crucial for you to write a grammar error free article because your readers will notice the most common grammar errors you are making. They will not become your readers, and next time when they will see your blog link in search results, they will not click it.
Rankings: Search engines will notice the grammar errors in your articles while crawling and ultimately your rankings will go down. Your articles will get indexed but never appear in SERPs even on the 2nd page. So it is important from SEO point of view
Advertisements: Why do you blog? To make money along with sharing useful stuff? Then who will opt your blog for ads? It will be tough to get approved for major ad programs like as Adsense, Infolinks, BuySellads or Individuals.

How Grammarly works

According to the company and from my own experience, whenever the tool(Grammarly) detects an error in your text, it flags it and provides the suitable correction to it; not forgetting that it provides the reasons why the text has been flagged. It gives you the proper replacement of the flagged text and why it isn’t suitable for your grammar.
This is what I mean:
 How To Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free In 2017

As we all know, a very good tool like Yoast SEO Plugin Will have a free and premium Account.
The same is applicable to Grammarly.
The two category are:
  • Grammarly Free Account.
  • Grammarly Premium Account.
As we all know there will be somethings that make the first free and the second premium.
I will tell you that now.

Grammarly Free Account VS Grammarly Premium Account Review

Below are the major differences between Grammarlt free and premium accoungt
Grammarly Free Account Grammarly Premium Account
It is Free It has to pay for either monthly or annually
It can check only 150 grammars Integration with Microsoft® Office
It is used by many people because it is free It can check unlimited grammars and Checks Plagiarism.

How To Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free In 2017

Yea, this is the main topic today. Grammarly premium account is having more features than the free account. You don,t need to purchase Grammarly premium account can you can use it for frr.
You can search how to get something online, and if you don’t see the methods to use, then you can proceed to buy it.
You can get Grammarly free extension now

Method 1

This is the best way on how to get Grammarly premium account for free in 2017, You can get the Grammarly extension for free, by referring people.
For each new user, you refer to Grammarly you get a Grammarly premium free for a whole week so if you refer 100 people you get 100 weeks free.
  1.  Clear your web browser cookies first
  2. Click on the Grammarly referral program link 
  3. If you are logged in then you will see your unique referral code at the bottom just like this (https://gram.ly/DvvT)
  4. Copy the link, using Your Browser (Mozilla Firefox Or Chrome) clear all cache and cookies, uninstall and install the Grammarly extension. Use a good VPN to open a new private window and then turn on tracking protection to block Grammarly from accessing your cookies
  5. Paste your referral link into the link bar and load the page
  6. You will be greeted with a new signup form for Grammarly, use fake details in the sign-up
  7. Complete the signup, return to your main account, save the details of the fake account and delete it after a week.
  8. Repeat this every week to keep getting Grammarly premium free.

Method 2

This method will be done using a website called flikover.
Generally, All of their Services are free but Affordable. But they are Providing Grammarly Premium free Account for a Lifetime Access. For that, You Just Need to Follow Some Basic Steps I have Mentioned Below.
1. First of All, Create a New Account on Flikover Using the Link Below.
Click Here to Go to Flikover And Create an Account there.
2. After Successful Registration, You’ll Redirect to the Dashboard. You’ll See Products page here. Just Click on Grammarly.
3. Now Flikover will Ask you to Install Both of Its Extension, Install them and Then Refresh the Page.
4. Now At the Bottom of the Page, you’ll get the link to Access Grammarly Premium. Just Tap on It and Wait for Some time. After some time it’ll automatically login to Grammarly.
Congrats…. Now you have a Premium Access to Grammarly for Lifetime. This Trick will easily provide you Grammarly Premium Free Account for Lifetime.


Many bloggers and webmasters have written many methods on how to get a Grammarly premium account for free, some are working but are somehow tedious, and some people will keep posting the old ones. The both method works to get grammarly premium access code 2017.



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