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How to add Yourself Back in Whatsapp Group without Admin Permission

Whatsapp messenger is a popular mobile social messenger app where you can chat, call and video chat with friends, family and loved ones. Whatsapp group chat can be inetresting and lovely especially when you are wellknown in the group or  because of personal reasons. Sometimes you might violate a group rule instructed by the Whatsapp admin and get kicked out and the main solutions is how to rejoin a whatsapp group. I was removed from a group three days ago,  I got annoyed and promised the admin that I will find a way back into the group and cause trouble.
That same day, my whatsapp started giving me problem, my messages won't send on time but I receive  messages on-time,  so I decided to wipe my whatsapp. Luckily for me (you will soon know why I said luckily), I forgot to backup my whatsapp data.
After I wiped my whatsapp,  I went to reopen my account,  then it asked me to restore back,  but the date on the backup was October  3rd,  so I just decided to restore it. When it was done restoring,  to my surprise,  I saw the group that I was kicked out on my account, I was so happy that I caused trouble in the group again,  the admin was very surprised. Now you know why I said luckily ... You are laughing right.
Let's get started

How do I add myself back into my WhatsApp group 

1. First, backup your data before you are kicked out from the Whatsapp group
2. Clear your Whatsapp data
3. Add your Whatsapp phone number and restore backup.
4. Wait till backup is sucessfully restored and viola, you will be added back to the Whatsapp Group without Admin Permission

How to recover your lost whatsapp group

  1.  Uninstall your Whatsapp and reinstall it or go to Setting and clear whatsapp chat
  2. Add your phone number and complete phone number verification.
  3. Restore your backup to the date you were still in that group

How to prevent being kicked out of a group

  1. Go to setting on your whatsapp 
  2. Go to chats
  3. Click on backup chats
  4. Click on backup to google drive 
  5. Then tick  "only when I click on backup" 
  6. Now create a backup.
When you are being removed from a whatsapp group,  just wipe/uninstall your whatsapp then restore backup.

How to wipe your whatsapp data

  1. Go to your phone's settings

  2. Click on storage and USB
  3. Click on phone storage
  4. Click on apps
  5. Then click on whatsapp
  6. Click on clear data


    You don't need to wait for the group admins can now share a link using which you can join the group. Just follow the Whatsapp trick above and you will join whatsapp group with permission from the admin. 

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