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GB Instagram v1.0 Apk For Android apk Download

Looking for a cool instagram mod or instagram plus apk download for your Android Smartphone? Gb Instagram is a new instagram+ apk download that is a good alternative to og instagram apk.
GB Instagram

The GB instagram comes with various features which normal instagram never smell of having such as; downloading of pictures and videos, ability to copy someone descriptions, changing of instagram theme and much more.


1.      Possibility to download pictures and videos 
2.      You can upload photos and videos from Alsturi 
3.      The ability to share / copy images links and videos
4.      add many options to change Theme (colors) conversations screen and conversations 
5.      You can copy comments 
6.      You can translate comments into your own language 
7.      You can work zoom (zoom in / out) for photos and personal photos publications through prolonged by pressing 
8.      Support pressure on the links in the program completely (publications-comments-in conversation) 
9.      Add the option to play audio with the video automatically
10.  You can copy Description
11.  You can see Direct (Enter the person’s file for any person you will find the word Direct that was follows)

GB instagram was modded by the same GB boss @atnfas_hoak the current modder of GB whatsapp. As we all know that his good with his work so their is nothing to worry about. 
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The GB instagram is currently on its version 1.00- (v1.0) and we expect to get more updates ahead.

Where to Download GB instagram



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