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BlogNigeria: Earn by Posting Online with no Investment Online with is an on-line forum Platform for professional bloggers, Developed by BlogNigeria Tech for Bloggers in Nigeria who are interested in making money from blogging but don't want to necessarily own or manage their own blog.

Do you know how to Write Articles?
If Yes, get Paid for each article you write on any topic either Sports, Celebrity gossips, school news,  school learning and tutorial you write on Blognigeria. All you need is a smartphone or laptop,  and internet access. Bloga is the best way to earn online with no investment

Creating a blog that can generate the needed traffic to make meaningful income online can be difficult and frustrating, most especially for new bloggers, with  blognigeria you don’t need to worry about  traffic, Blog management, Host renewals etc.,  all you have to do is focus on publishing articles, comment and rate other blogger’s posts to earn.

Some bloggers have been frustrated by Adsense and other advertising companies, why not let us do the advertising, all you need to register on Blognigeria and fill in your bank account details in your profile after registration to start Earning.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How do I Earn from Blognigeria?
You earn by posting articles (threads)  on Blognigeria, commenting, chatting and staying online.

How much do I earn per post?
You can earn like #5 to #50 on each article posted on blognigeria depending on the article.

What is the withdrawal limit in Blognigeria?

You need to earn at least #5,000 to be eligible to cash out from Blognigeria.

How do I cash out on Blognigeria?
You can cash each cash you earn to Blognigeria bank which will be reviewed and sent to your bank account in your profile

Believe me, this is the first of its kind, bloggers have started withdrawing their earning already, you too can become a blogger even if you don’t know how to create or manage a blog.
Why waste your time when you can start earning cool cash with your Smartphone or PC

See testimonies by some bloggers.
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