Saturday, 30 September 2017

SkrinAd: Get Paid with your Smartphone without no Investment

Wondering If you could get paid with no capital with your Smartphone?
Skrin Ad is an Android application that pays you without any investment. Get Paid viewing content such as images, videos, web links, Ads, etc when your phone is idle.
SkrinAd allows users control what they want to see and when they want to see it. SkrinAd serves you interest based multimedia content tailored to their exact personality and interest. It allows users set their defined preferences as they interact with the multimedia contents and how they interact with them. This is to say that For every content downloaded or viewed using SkrinAds, you get rewarded with points — which can be used for airtime purchase, bills payment, or converted to cash. SkrinAds is the brainchild of Jimmy Babatunde, Olukayode Adebiyi , and Omololu Oduyoye , intends to pay users for multimedia content displayed on their idle phone screens.

SkrinAd is non-intrusive mobile application that utilises less data and power to give you relevant interest based digital content with its adaptive offline and online mode switch that best matches the application settings for enhanced resource saving and increased productivity.
Skrin Ad

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How Skrin Ad Works

1. Download the SkrinAd application from the link below
2. Sign up and select areas of interest in the preference or login with your SkrinAd account
3. Once signed in, close application and wait for periodic popups when device is not being used
4. Once video is played or image is shown,, you can dismiss the content by clicking on the close button, or tap the content to open the details

To Redeem and Spend your SkrinAd points

Below are the steps to convert your points and get paid to your bank account
1. Open the SkrinAd application
2. Select rewards
3. To transfer balance to your bank account, select “Payout” and enter the amount to be transferred to your bank account.
4. To spend your SkrinAd balance for services, select “Top up” and choose the service you are paying for

Download Link
Skrin Ad apk Download Here

NOTE: SkrinAd will work mostly in the background allowing you to focus on other thing that matters, you don’t even need to open it whenever you turn on your phone as it remains discretely always on.



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