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Payme.ng: Best Alternative to Paypal in Nigeria

PayMe is a service that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to send money directly to your bank account with their cards. Its service lets you get paid easily from the convenience of a link. Link your bank accounts then create links so you can share them with your customers and friends to get paid easily. All you have to do is sign up for an account on the site and a personal link is created which allows you to receive money from anyone. 

To receive a cashless payment, a registered Payme account holder simply provides Their phone number to the person that needs to pay them. The payer then goes to www.payme.ng from any device as simple as a mobile phone with internet connection, enter the phone number of the recipient and uses their ATM card to effect the cashless payment which is received instantly, and this is at no additional cost to the Sender.

Payme can also be described as a virtual personal POS (even though much more versatile & affordable) as it converts any Smartphone, tablet or PC to a cashless payment terminal. The transactions on payme.ng are safe as it requires the payer using their MasterCard or Verve ATM card to enter their PIN number and 3 number Security code as is required for normal POS Transactions. The receiver confirms the payment instantly and can transfer the payment to any of their Registered bank account at anytime
Basically, payers do not need to sign up. All they have to  do is visit the site via the receiver’s link and then send money via the platform. As a blogger, you can convert your links to cash with Payme.ng

Features of PayMe

Payments to multiple accounts with one link
Enjoy the flexibility of receiving payments directly to any of your bank accounts when you link your bank accounts to PayMe. Your customers will never know!
Information Protection
Whether you’re a business without a business account or an individual trying to protect their embarrassing middle name, with your payme link, all people will ever see is what you want them to see.
Superior Flexibility
Why have only one link? create multiple links with variable or fixed values; you can also add custom fields to your payment page so you can control how much you get paid and what information your customers provide to you about their payment.

How to Sign up for PayMe

To Enjoy Payme.ng Services as a receiver, you need to register a PayMe Account.
  • First, Visit Payme Official Site, https://payme.ng
  • In Payme homepage, fill in your account number and select your bank.
  • Once you fill in your account number, it seems to draw up your details used to register at the bank. The next step is to select your preferred username and your location.
  • After that, you fill in your other details like your Phone number, email address, referral code and password and click Proceed to complete registration.

 The charge per transaction is N75. You may wish bear the cost of the transaction or the sender bears the cost of transaction.
Transaction limit is NGN 50,000.00 but you can increase it to NGN 200,000.00 when you verify your BVN.



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