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How do I delete my search history on my Facebook App?

It's no doubt that millions of users visit Facebook daily and sometimes you might search for peoples, news, Facebook page and groups. Whenever we search for any people on Facebook either with the app or on Web, it gets stored in Facebook search history. 

By so doing,  you can view facebook search history next time when you click on search bar. Some users don't consider it appropriate for them so they prefer to clear the search history on facebook app or on the web. This quite different from cache stored by Web browsers, so it cant be deleted by clearing the browser cache. 
When you want to use the Facebook search infront of someone and and he / she is able to view facebook search history, it may be consider inappropriate for you.  Not to worry much,  Skilstoolz has written a tutorial on how to clear search history on facebook app


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How To Delete Search History on Facebook App

Below is a complete guide on How To Delete Search History on Facebook App

1. First, download and install Facebook App, If you have not downloaded it earlier 
Facebook – Android Apps on Google Play Here

2. Next input your username and password and login to Facebook account

3. Next, click on search bar which shows your facebook mobile app search history as shown in the screenshot below

4. Next, Click on Edit beside Recent Searches.  
clear facebook search history
5. Click on Clear Searches to Clear your Facebook search history 
clear facebook search

6. Now click on Confirm delete Your Facebook Search history. delete facebook search history android,delete facebook search history on android phone,delete facebook search history from android app,delete facebook search history from facebook app,delete facebook search history on facebook app,clear facebook search history android, clear facebook search history permanently,clear facebook search bar historyViola!! You have successfully cleared your Facebook search history.

Wrapping Up

This guide is best to use If your facebook clear search not working. Facebook search history is also good so that you can easily view your recent search instead of retyping it over again. 
If you have any issues on how to clear Facebook search history on Android app feel free to use comment section.



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