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How to Create a New Email Account | Outlook Mail Registration

E-mail (Electronic Mail) is one of the modern medium of communication with your friends, business partners, family members in any part of the World. This is the best medium of mail communication instead of using the outdated post office medium.
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Wondering how to create a free E-mail?Try Outlook Mail. offers a fast and reliable email services. Outlook Mail Registration is fast, easy, and free, you can also go premium if u want! is a web-based suite of web mail, calendaring services & others from Microsoft. It is one of the world’s first web mail services. it was founded in 1996 as Hotmail, they offer their services for both individual and organization.

Outlook Mail Registration: Sign up outlook mail account –

How do I Signup for a new Outlook email address?
To sign up for a free Outlook mail account, Follow these simple steps.
1. Log on to Outlook mail sign up page – visit with your browser. On the top extreme right corner, click on create account. Or visit

2. Sign up for Outlook mail – On the create account page, use your personal info to fill out the form there. Provide your first name and last name. In the email account box, type in your email address like [email protected]. Make sure to use an email address that has not been used to create a Microsoft account before.
  • Choose a good and strong password for security purposes. Take your time and fill in the remaining boxes provided for you. You will also be required pass the captcha test. Make sure to type in the correct letters you see. If you are not sure of the letters, click on New for a new set of letters or Audio to hear the pronunciation of the words. This is to verify you are not a robot.
  • After that, click on create account.
3. Verify your Email – Log in to the email address you used to create the Microsoft account. You will see a message from Microsoft Account Team in your mail inbox. Then verify the Microsoft account with the link.
Your Email is verified and you are good to go.


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How To make Your Outlook Account Secure

Observe the following Instructions to keep your account safe and secure.
  • Choose a strong Password – Your password should be at least up to 8 characters. It must also contain both upper and lower case characters in combination with numbers and symbols.
  • Safeguard your Password – Don’t ever give out your password to any body. Don’t share it. Your password is your secret, so keep it safe!
You can now open an Outlook mail Account. Having problem creating a new mail, feel free to contact us using the comment box.



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