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How to Create AliExpress Account | AliExpress Shopping Account

Wondering how to shop online from abroad and ship it to your country?
Why not try AliExpress. AliExpress is one of the well known international shipping mall where you purchase things online and get them delivered to the nearest post office in your LGA. For those that don't know how to import products or goods from China to Nigeria,  Ghana and other countries,  this guide explain how it can be done with Aliexpress, one of the biggest online stores in China. 

AliExpress is a short form for Alibaba Express. AliExpress is a private Online shopping in China that belongs to the Alibaba group. Shopping on AliEpress is free but you need to create an AliExpress account before you can ship to your various locations.
The reasons below is why you need to shop with AliExpress with the account I will show you how to create later.
  • It is an International shopping site so your goods can be shipped to your country and consequently your state and local government. Sometimes, goods can be delivered to your door step.
  • AliExpress offers a wide variety of goods to shop from. Find millions of products for sale.
  • The buyer is protected always.
  • It offers 24/7 customer assistance
  • Buying from AliExpress is totally safe. No Scamming of any Kind.

How to Create AliExpress Account – AliExpress Shopping Account 

How do I register on Aliexpress? 

Below is the guideline you came here for. Try and follow them exactly as it is written.
  • Visit the Aliexpress sign in page:
  • Place your cursor on “Sign in/Join My AliExpress” and select “Join Free” from the drop down box.
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Enter your First and Last name
  • Choose a strong password for your account
  • Confirm Password in the next box
  • Next, you will have to enter the code you see below the text box above the code. If you can not make the code, click on “Refresh the code” for a new code. If you still don’t get the code continue refreshing till you see the code you can type.
  • Click “Create Your Account“. Before clicking this, make sure to have cross checked the form for any errors.
  • Visit your email and check for a verification mail. If you don’t see it in your mail inbox, check it in your spam folder. Once you find the verification message, click on it to verify your account.
  • Immediately your account is verified, you will receive a Congratulatory message with your name for a successful account creation.
Well done once more for your successful account registration.
Note: You can also register with your Facebook Profile account. Select “Sign up using Facebook” and click Continue as “your first name“.
Another cool way you can take to register is to visit the site for shopping. Select the goods you want to buy. If it is more than one, then you will need to add to cart to be able to select another good. Clicking on “Add to Wish List” requires you to sign in, so select Create account and proceed with your registration.
If you are interested in shopping from AliExpress, READ
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In here is all you should know about How to Create AliExpress Account. You can Register Account now and start shopping from AliExpress. Make sure to read on how to shop from AliExpress from the link provided for you above
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