Saturday, 30 September 2017

How to activate the new 280 character tweets on Twitter

Twitter currently announced doubling the Tweet character from 140 to 280 characters

tweet 280 characters

Although this feature has not been made available for all its users, Twitter is currently testing a new format that doubles the 140 character limit to 280, so you can more freely fit your thoughts into a single tweet. Not to worry with little trick from Skilstoolz,  you can activate the 280 character tweet. Thanks to a Twitter user Prof9, you can now tweet with 280 characters instead of 140.

How to activate the new 280 character tweets
There are many ways to activate Twitter 280 character, but this is the simplified and fast method to tweet with 280 characters. 
  • Download Tampermonkey for your browser of choice (Chrome webstore link)
  • Visit this Github repository, click the “raw” button, then tell tampermonkey to “install” the script (or copy and paste the code into a new script in Tampermonkey)
  • Now visit, make sure the script in running in Tampermonkey, then tweet away
This trick will work automatically when you want to tweet with the chrome browser installed with Tapermonkey. Tampermonkey is a widely used userscript manager, and the javascript is a harmless workaround that simply bypasses the tweet button limit.
You have other ways you tweet with 280 characters, don't hesitate to share using the comments. 



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