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Best Voice Recorder App for iPhone and iPad

Smartphones can be used to perform multi-task ranging from calculations, taking photos, and even voice recording. You don't need to purchase a specialist voice recorder for usage in classes, interviews, meetings and for personal purpose. Record every conversation yourself it's your iPhone or iPad. No need to inconvenience yourself carrying bulky voice recorder when you can carry for smartphone at ease. Technology advancement has made it easy to prevent carrying separate recording gadget when you have your iPhone or iPad. There are lots of voice recorder apps for your iPhone and iPad. 

Criteria for a good voice recorder app

If you are confused selecting which voice recording apps for iPhone or iPad is right for your needs. There are some factors that you should put into consideration. Some of these factors include:
  • The features and recording capability of the app
  • If you can export the audio and access it your phone
  • Can email recordings 
  • The quality options available for the audio recording 
  • The formats available
  • The app rating and other views of the app
You can check out reviews and what users are saying in iTunes or you can search online.

Top Voice Recorder Apps for iPad and iPhone 

How do I record on my iPhone and iPad? 
You can voice record on your iPhone and iPad with variety of voice recording apps. Don't to worry,  you can decide to test all and decide the one that suite your taste.  Below are top voice recorder apps for iPhone and iPad 

iTalk Recorder

This is the top rated voice recorder apps for iPhone users. iTalk Recorder is a full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Press the big red button to record; press it again to stop. You can append to existing recordings, choose from three levels of recording quality (11.025, 22.05, or 44.10 kHz sample rates), and manage your recordings, all with just a fingertip.

You can email recordings straight from iTalk. iTalk also supports direct file sharing through iTunes.

Whether you're recording minutes of a meeting, a lecture, or the sounds of birds singing in a meadow far from any electrical outlets, iTalk Recorder puts the sound quality you need in the palm of your hand.

MultiTrack DAW
This app offers impressive audio capabilities and can support eight stereo audio tracks as well as up to sixteen inputs at the same time. The power of a digital audio workstation in the palm of your hand.
Release your creativity with up to 24 high quality audio tracks. Record multiple takes, harmonies, solos, and experiments. No more worrying about bouncing - each instrument can have its own track.

Recorder Plus

New Generation Voice Recorder: Easy to record, Easy to review, Easy to edit, Easy to share! 

Your ultimate solution for audio recording on iPhone/iPod . This is a simple but effective app that is ideal for recording memos and audio on your Apple device. 

Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is the easiest way to record and share audio for free.

Record unlimited interviews, memos, lectures, meetings and more. Trim a recording or add to an existing recording. The recording will pause if you get an incoming call while using it and it is able to record background audio. Sync all your recordings automatically with Dropbox. Send recordings to Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and more.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder allows you to record your telephone calls. Record national or international calls from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Save audio recording to phones or can be transferred to your computer with iTunes File Sharing. Easily save call recordings to DropBox, Google Drive or share on Whatsapp 

Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is a professional voice recorder. It allows you to record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality.
Recorded voices are in standard AAC/MP4/M4A format. Voice Record Pro can record directly in MP4 (AAC), MP3 (MPEG) and WAV (PCM) formats plus convert function for all supported formats.
Export to and import from Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box Cloud, iCloud Drive and so on. 

Voice Recorder HD

It is a full featured best voice recorder application with stunning interface for business, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist, lecturer, school/college student and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos. Record high quality audio which can run on background with unlimited recording time. You can choose from a range of qualities for recordings and then you can upload recordings to Dropbox. You can also share them on SoundCloud.

HT Professional Recorder

Need a professional Voice recorder apps for your iPhone? 
HT Professional Recorder makes it possible to record conversations throughout a large room, even in situations where the people talking are located several feet away from the phone. Reinforces soft voices - even whispers - Ideal for college lectures, board meetings, and conferences, as well as dictation. Automatically skips silence during recording.
Record and edit business meetings, lectures, and conferences right on the phone. Awesome for students and business people. Captures sound at a distance. Take notes while recording in the background. E-mail recordings as attachments. Long recordings are automatically split into multiple e-mail messages.

QuickVoice2Text Email Pro Recorder

Need to easily record and mail to friends either as mesge or to their mails,  QuickVoice2Text Email does the trick. This is a multifunctional voice recorder app, which allows you record audios and send to friends,  save in your smartphone or set as ringtone. 

Quick Recorder

Quick recorder is a one touch video video recorder which allows you to easily record audio and the get it uploaded to Dropbox, iCloud and so on. Whenever you start or stop recording, it vibrates and record in background while using other apps.

Final Words

These are good voice recorder apps for your iPhone and iPad device which makes vioce and call recordings easier and better so no need looking for a voice recorder gadget when you can make use of your iPhone or iPad.
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