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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

Looking good in photos makes your look handsome or beautiful. Everyday millions of photos are shared daily on social media platforms both for the purpose of fun and also for remembrance. We make use of photo editing applications to make your photos look good, and pleasing when seen.
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There are various photo editing applications for Android and iOS which has editing tools such as: brightness, filters, cropping and vignette but there's always a confusion or challenge of knowing those which should be used or which one's are best in photo editing.
Well there isn't any need to get confused again over which to use for your editing, because in this article you would see the list of top photo editing apps for your Android and iPhone you can download for free and use to filter your photos.
Top Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOs
What are the best photo editing apps for Android and iOS?

1. PicsArt ( Android / iOS )

PicsArt is one of the top photo editing application. The reason behind this is because it is loaded with cool variety of features. This application has been downloaded by people over an estimate of 500 million times and still the number keeps going higher. PicsArt also has an in-built social media network sharing of your photos. Let's see a few of it's tools which helps in editing your photos. These includes:
  • Artistic Filters
  • Borders
  • Masks
  • Crop
  • Text
  • Color Change
  • Speech Tubbles
  • Lens Flare And Much More.

This application is available to download for free both on Android and iOS devices. They only generate earnings/revenue by selling more intriguing tools such as: Birthday Frames, Love Quotes, and Tattoo Fonts. Get this application now and add more effects to your photos.

2. PicsArt Photos Studio (Android / iOS)
PicsArt is one of the best photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. Download PicsArt and enjoy our tools, effects, collage maker, camera, free clipart library, millions of user-created stickers and our drawing tools. PicsArt’s all about making awesome pictures and having fun by remixing free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages and memes.

With our collage maker, drawing tools, photo editor, camera and more, PicsArt’s your all-in-one creative suite. And it’s FREE. Show off your awesome edits on Instagram with #picsart, we'll feature our favorite ones!

3. AutoDesk Pixlr ( Android / iOS )

AutoDesk Pixlr is another best free photo editing application with a built-in wide range of over 3 million features of effects, overlays and filters. With this application, you can create photo collages and edit them with any choice of layout, background color and spacing options. AutoDesk do have an AutoFix built-in feature which is used to balance colors. You can as well use this application to layer and blender variety of photos together.
AutoDesk Pixlr can be used to style photos with ink sketches and pencil drawings. You can also beautify your selfies by taking out unwanted blemishes, and also add overlay photos and captions with the text feature. This application is just the best to cartoon a photo. What are you waiting for? Go get it and improve your photos.

4. Flickr ( Android / iOS )

Flickr has been one of the mainly widely held proficient photographer cooperation since the fear 2004. Later in the year 2005, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo, and that empowered the photo social network or increase widely in growth. Now over 15 billion photos has been shared on Flickr. The good thing about Flickr is that it offers it's users 1TB of free storage. This application enables users to edit their photos and add filters and also crop the images from the camera roll.
The pro version of Flickr which costs users either $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year, do offer an innovative stats on photos. Not only that. It also offers an ad-free browsing experience, an auto-uploading tool for desktop, and also a one year subscription for Adobe PhotoShop CC and Lightroom CC, together with a couple of other interesting features. This pro version is good for those who are able to afford it. Get Flickr app and add an improvement to your photos.

5. Adobe PhotoShop Express ( Android / iOS )
Adobe PhotoShop Express is another good photo editing application that has splendid editing tools and built-in filters. Let's take a look on some of it's tools. This feature includes:

  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Straighten
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Color Change
  • Flip
  • Hue
  • White Balance
  • Brightness

This application also offers Vibrant, Superpunch and Glow filters and also offers border and frames addition to photos.
Adobe PhotoShop Express has an add-on packs like the Adobe looks pack and also the Adobe Advanced Pack. The Advanced Pack offers features like noise reduction and DeFog. But these features are only for iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. This application also allows raw photos feature, so you can actually edit photos in raw formats. It also has a built-in PhotoShop Mix feature that allows users to merge together much/multiple photos into one single image. What an amazing application it is.

6. Prisma (Android / iOS)
Photo Credit: Prisma Labs Inc.
Prisma is a good mobile photo editing application that do convert your photos and videos into an art inspired style of Van Gogh, Munk, Picasso and Levitan. All you have to do is to simply take out the photo or video which you want to edit while using this application or you rather pick out one from your gallery and select any filter feature you need to edit it with.
Prisma app do use a cavernous knowledge algorithms to apply creative filter feature on photos and videos. This application has an in-built of over 30 styles and also this application has been downloaded by people over millions of times since it was released.

7. Snapseed ( Android / iOS )

Snapseed is another sweet photo editing application which was obtained by Google in the year 2012. Let's take a look on it's tools like:

  • Crop
  • Brush
  • Rotate
  • Vignette
  • White Balance
  • Photo Filters

One of the most desired features in Snapseed application is the Lens Blur, a feature which aid the ability of adding a Bokeh effect to images/photos, and also a glamour glow feature which do work well for fashion shoots and portraits. Other available filters are: HDR Scape, Grunge, Drama, Grainy Film, Retrolux, Vintage, Noir, Black and White. Of course Snapseed app also supports frame features. Users can add focus to eyes and add face-specific lighting. A great photo editing tool it is.

8. VSCO ( Android / iOS )

VSCO is a photo editing application tools which aids an innovative camera control and also a photo editing community. Using VSCO application, you can bring out images and journals and curate content in your profile. This application do have a number of presets, tools and filters.
The difference between VSCO and Instagram is that VSCO do not have social features such as "likes" and "comments" for it's photos. This application is more esteemed as the go to application for expertise photographer portfolios. Get this application and improve your photos. So far so good, these applications listed above are the best photo editing apps you should use to improve your photo's before sharing them our to family and friends.

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Photo editor apps helps to beautify your photos and helps get more likes on your photos on Social Media. We would like to see your thoughts about these 8 best photo editing apps for selfies. Have you used any of these applications listed? Tell us some more features you enjoyed. You can also tell us of any other photo editing applications we might not have mentioned in this article. Please drop a comment and also share. Thanks And Enjoy...



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