Monday, 7 August 2017

Send Free SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phones

Nowadays it's hard for find application that can send SMS free of charge. Well, the story is about to change as I'm going to tell you about a application known as Elanol which will let you send SMS to any network without paying a dime. So guys, let get down to business.
Elanol is a unique platform that allows users to send free SMS, chat with friends and family, send pictures, send emojis and other interesting stuff. With Elanol, you can also enjoy latest news on Politics, Fashion, Sports and many others.

How To Send SMS Free Of Charge To All Network

  1. First of all, you need to Download Elanol from Playstore Click here to download
  2. Then Internet connection is needed to use this Application
  3. Sign up on the application (with the name your contacts can easily identify you with e.g @Skilstoolz, @sola, @080....... Or better still identify yourself at the end of the sms before sending)

Features Of Elanol

  • Instant SMS message messenger.
  • SMS Text Message
  • Send SMS on Phone
  • Free SMS
  • 300 words limit per message 1
  • You can send many SMS as you like to your contacts 
  • The receiver doesn/t need to have the application to receive the sms.
  • It's available to all network at Zero cost .



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