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How to Unlock Bootloader on Nokia 6

All Android phone has a bootloader that instructs the operating system kernel to boot normally.  A bootloader is mostly locked by the Android manufacturers to prevent users from altering the device and writing system files. Unlocking the bootloader is useful especially If you wish to modify system files and install custom Roms in your device.

Unlock Bootloader on Nokia 6

If you want root your Nokia 6 , or  flash Custom ROM you will need to unlock the bootloader. Below is a full guide on how to unlock Nokia 6 Bootloader


» This unlocking bootloader tutorial is only for Nokia 6. Please don’t try this on any other variants of the phone.

» This tutorial has been performed on Windows, but anyone familiar with Fastboot on Mac or Linux can perform this as well with the same commands.

» Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding as it will erase all data.

» You will void your warranty by unlocking the bootloader.


» USB cable
» USB drivers installed on your computer. Download here.


Skilstoolz provide various Firmware Updates and Rooting process along with Custom ROM,Modes,file are all belong  to their owners/developers. The autor of this site or the developers are not responsible,  if you damage or brick your device.Do it on your own risk and follow the instruction properly.


Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Nokia 6

1. Download ADB / Fastboot – Android SDK Platform Tools separate package and install on your computer. Download from the following links depending on your OS and extract it anywhere in your computer.

» Windows: Download

» Linux: Download

2. Connect your Nokia 6 phone with the PC using a micro USB cable. Your phone should be powered on when you connect it.

3. Navigate to the directory where ADB / Fastboot (i.e. Step 1) is installed in your computer. For Windows: After opening that folder, open Command Prompt (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt). For Mac and Linux: Use Terminal to navigate to the ADB / Fastboot directory.

4. Next, type in the following ADB command and press Enter. This command will boot Nokia 6 into the Recovery Mode.
adb reboot recovery

5. This is the Recovery Mode of your phone, as shown below in the picture. If you see this screen, this means you have been doing great so far.

6. Navigate to the option that says “Reboot to bootloader” using your volume keys and press the Power button to select it.

7. Your phone will now boot into Bootloader / Fastboot Mode. You will see a small text at the bottom of the screen that would say: Fastboot mode…

8. Back to Command Prompt, now run the following command to unlock bootloader of Nokia 6:
fastboot oem unlock

9. You will see the following warning message on your screen. Press the Volume Up button to proceed.

10. The phone will reboot normally after it has unlocked the bootloader.

That’s it! You have successfully unlocked your Nokia 6 bootloader.

You can now install a custom ROM or root your Nokia 6 Smartphone. Just be careful with what you do!

If you run into any problems while performing the above tutorial, please leave us a message below in the comments.



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