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How to Go Live on Facebook – Live Video Streaming

Facebook is of the top social media with millions if users all over the world.  You can chat, send and receive message,  share pictures and lots more on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook Registration is free.  Social media platforms are no longer just for sharing messages, videos and photos with all your friends. With Facebook Go live, you can be streaming live videos of yourself and have all your friends from different parts of the globe interacting by sharing their comments with you. Here in this article, I will show you how to go live on Facebook. There is no monthly subscription for it, just follow this simple steps to do it.

This feature can be seen on Android and iOS. All that you need is to get the Facebook app for your device.You can get the app from Google App Store or from iTunes Store. Download the app to your device and follow the steps below to go live on Facebook.

What is Going Live on Facebook?

Take your events worldwide with Facebook. Facebook Live enables your friends who cannot be present at your activity be a part of it on the Net. They will get to follow all the happenings you are covering. They will still make comments and you can always give a shout out to them to make them fit  in the event. Take your Party to all your Friends by Going Live on Facebook.
You may be asking yourself why you have never experienced a Live video on your Facebook account. This may be because none of your Friends have never shared a Live video before or that your Facebook notification for Live videos is turned off.  If it is turned off, you won’t be notified and you might miss out in the great event. Another option is that maybe your friends have before but they blocked you from the video.

How to Turn Notifications for Facebook Live Video ON and OFF

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Select settings
  • Click notifications
  • Click on the toggle button beside Live Videos to turn it OFF or ON.

How to Go Live on

  • Login o your Facebook account
  • At the top of your news feed, you will see “What’s on your mind?” Click on it
  • Tap Go Live
  • Write a short description of what you are about cover
  • Tap Go Live to start. A count down from 3 starts to help you get ready. You are now life.
  • Tap Finish when you are done to end your broadcast.
Note: You can either save the broadcast video or delete it when you are done. You can also Go Live from your Facebook page and groups. Facebook Live is not restricted only to your personal profile.

This is all there is to know on How to go Live on Facebook. Your comments and remarks are always welcomed. You can still reach me for assistance on how to go live on Facebook. And always remember that you are welcomed to share this with all your friends.



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