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How to Download Big Files in Opera mini Handler

Opera mini is one of the oldest web browser which is used because of its fast browsing and little space consumption. Opera mini is supported in most data subscription (like Airtel social bundle) which is cheaper compared to other subscriptions. But most user face the limitation of downloading only 15mb/16mb in their Opera mini browser and this left most user not been able to enjoy their data plan. Not to worry no more, you will be enlighten on how to bypass the download limit of Opera mini browser so you can download unlimited.

How to Download Big Files in Opera mini Handler

This trick doesn't require you using any require any external site, all you need to do is follow the steps below:
1. First, you must be using the old version of Opera mini, If you don't have the older version, download from the link below
2. Launch the Opera mini and visit the site you wish to download from 
3. Once you arrive at the download button, Press hold until it shows open in New Tab

4. Tap Open in new tab and tap the Reload button located downwards [Be fast].

5. The download page will start reloading. Opera mini will prompt you to save the file. But don't tap anything and wait till the reload gets completed  
6. After the download page reloads, then Click the Save button (Ensure that the reload sign is no more in cancel sign [X]).
7. The downloading will begin in few seconds and you will be able to bypass the limit of 15mb and download the file complete.

Ensure you don't minimize the Opera mini until the download is complete so as to prevent it from showing download failed.
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