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How To Add Ringtones For iPhone And iPad In iOS 10.3

iPhone’s OS is quite more different and advanced compared to that of Android.  It is not easy tweaking the Os look, changing wallpapers and ringtone as it is done in Android. 
iPhone ringtone

Although changing your iPhone ringtone to preinstalled ringtones is easy, using your favorite ringtones on your iPhone is not. You should be aware that making ringtones on iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3 for free because it’s an alternative to buying music from iTunes. 
A Mac or Windows PC
USB Cable
Ringtones (in supported format)

Steps To Put Ringtones into your iPhone

  1. Download the Ringtones and put them on your desktop.
  2. Open and update iTunes to the newest version
  3. Click on the phone icon on the top.
  4. Now, press Cmd + O (on Mac) ORCtrl + O (on Windows). Or simply go to File > Add to Library.
  5. Now navigate to Ringtones location and choose the ringtones you want to add.
  6. Now click on “Tones” under setting.
  7. Check “Sync Tones”. Now either choose all or select the ringtones you want.
  8. Next, hit apply. This will transfer all the ringtones to your phone.

Conclusion You can change to add ringtones from the Phone’s Settings. Enjoy!
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