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How To Enable Developer Options On Android Wear

Technology is truly contributing a ton in making life simple and everybody needs to deal with his/her everyday errands in the way they never took care of. For this, individuals regularly endeavor to make their gadgets appropriate according to their need or in short we can state they frequently attempt to tweak them to fit their needs. If you are an Android smartwatch client searching for course you will in search of how to enable developer mode, you are in the right article. Here i will guide you on how to enable developer mode on Android Smart watch.

Just like a smartphones, this task can simply be easily accomplished. By enabling developer mode, it is possible to make the gadget more useful. Markets in the present scenario are flooded with a lot of smart watches. They all have their own features and a lot of us pay a lot of attention while buying them. It is also true that smartwatches are helping a lot of people in keeping a close eye on their health. In fact, this is the reason for most of the people to invest in this gadget. The good thing is it’s not very difficult to buy it due to its reasonable price.

How To Enable Developer Mode On Android Smart Watch

In this article, we will be talking about two methods on how to enbale developer mode on android smart watch. The first method deals with Android Wear 1.0/1.5 while the other let you enable developer mode on Android Wear 2.0. Check out the below guide to Enable developer mode on any Android Wear.
Those who knows how must have enabled developers option on their Android smartwatch but for the benefit of those who don’t, here’s how to enable developer mode on your Android smartwatch
How to enable developer mode on Android smartwatch 1.0/ 1.5
  • First of all, swipe on the left of your gadget and Click on “Settings”
  • Go down and click on the “About” option
  • You will find an option “Build Number”. Click on it 7 times continuously.
  • After this, a message will appear saying “You are now a Developer”
  • Go back to the “Settings” option.
  • Finally, click the “About” option and tap “Developer Options”
  • That’s it, You are done.
How to enable developer mode on Android smartwatch 2.0
  • Simply go down from the screen and click “Settings” icon
  • At the bottom, you will find “System Options”. Click on it.
  • Go down and find “About” option
  • After this, you need to tap 7 times the build number option.
  • A message will appear on screen saying “You are now a developer”
  • Simply swipe to the right now
  • You can see the developer option at the bottom
  • You are done.



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