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Create Skype Account With Facebook | Skype Login with Facebook

Skype is a free online video chat Social Media where you can hookup with friends and loved ones live. To create a Skype account, you need a Skype name or registered email address, or a Microsoft account or a Facebook Account. Facebook Sign in feature allows you to sign in Skype without email. 
Unfortunately, Facebook feature is only supported on Skype for desktop and Skype for Web. If you want to use Skype on a mobile device, you will need to sign in with a Skype Name or Microsoft account.

How to Create Skype Account With Facebook

Below are the steps to create Skype Account with Facebook
1. Visit Skype homepage
2. Click on Sign in > My account
3. Next Click "Sign in With Facebook"
Skype Login with Facebook

4. Input your Facebook Password to authorize Sign in

You have successfully created a Skype account with Facebook.

How to Create a Skype Account | Skype Account Login 

How to signin to Skype app on android using facebook account?
To Signin on Skype app with Facebook Account,  You need to download Skype app for Android

  • Next Click Sign in
  • Tap Sign in with Facebook
  • Then Facebook login page will appear and enter your login info.
You will be Successfully be redirected to you Skype Account.

How to Login to Skype Account With Facebook
  1. Visit 
  2. Tap Sign in > My Account 
  3. Click "Sign in With Facebook" and enter your Facebook Password.
  4. You will be signed in your Skype Account, now start enjoying your Skype Account.

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