Monday, 28 August 2017

How To Convert Word 2010 Document Into PDF/XPS Format

Have you ever thought of converting your Microsoft Word Office document to a PDF file?
Most times people prefer to request pdf files to Microsoft Word documents because its looks more professional and unique since it is not known by everyone. Converting that Word document file to PDF has never been easier than before with the steps below. 

How To Easily Convert Word To PDF Using Office 2010 

Beginning with Word 2007 and later with Word 2010, Microsoft introduced the option for documents to saved to PDF without the need for a third-party application or PDF printer. In this tutorial, you will be enlightened how to convert an existing Word document to a PDF using Word 2010. Pretty soon you'll be in the business of converting PDF files and your boss will thank you for meeting his request.

Step 1: Open your desired Microsoft office 2010 document and click on the "File button" located at the top left corner of the document

Step 2: Now click on "Save as"

Step 3: A dropdown box would be shown to you after that. Fill in your file name in the first panel and then choose from the second panel for your file to save as "PDF"

convert microsoft office to pdf

Step 4 - Now click on Save and there you go!

You can know how to convert word to pdf in office 2010. You experience any problem converting yours to pdf file, feel free to notify using the comments.



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