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Top Best Online Broken Link Checker Tools 2017

Broken links other wise known as dead links are website internal links that cannot be found.  In other wise, they are links that have been removed and are temporarily not available thereby make those link unable for both humans and Search engines. SEO experts has proven that much broken links in a site affects your Search Engine Page Ranking thereby causing negative​ impact on your website ranking. If you are the type that deletes your blog articles frequently,  your website is likely to be affected by high broken link so there is need to use a site link checker not a test link checker to discover those broken link and fix them by redirecting them to an active link in your website. 


Finding broken links on your website has been made easy using online broken link checker tool to discover broken link.  Believe me If you think you can have time to start using Google Search engines to check your links one after another,  it will totally be a waste of time. 

Top Best Online Broken Link Checker Tools 2017

There are lots of broken link checker tool online that can help find broken links and reduce the 404 errors found in your website. Below are the list of online broken link checker tools:

1. Broken Link Check

Broken Link Check is one of the best free online broken link checker tools that can easily detect This tool helps detect the broken links that causes 404 errors and it allows you to view the exact broken links so you can easily fix or redirect all broken links on your website. Broken link check is easy to use,  reliable, fast and accurate coupled with the fact that it you can easily detect the broken links in your website. 


Getting started with broken link check is perhaps too simple, as all you need to do is head over to the website, then enter your blog url and hit the find broken links button. From here, enter the security code that will be showned, then broken link checker will automatically search all the webpages on your websites and report broken links. You will be able to fix all the links from there, as the tool shows you the dead link's location in your HTML source. Overall, broken link check is convenient and it doesn't require any form of registration.

2. Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker is another popular tool that can be used to detect broken links on your​ website. This tool is aimed towards crawling all the webpages on your website and identifying broken links for you to fix. To begin with, head over to the dead link website and enter you blog url. Now choose whether you want your whole website or a single webpage to be crawled, then tap the 'check' button and input the security code.

Dead Link checker can easily crawl a single webpage or the whole website and detect all the bad URLs. It comes with great features such as 'Multi Check' feature, which enables you to crawl multiple websites at once,  and files the reports via email. Auto Check is also a great feature for site link checker brings to its abode. The service automatically allow dead link checker to crawl your webpage page on regular basis for dead links and the report will be mailed to you.

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3. Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check believes that broken link can make a website look unprofessional and deter visitors from retuning to your blog. So with his online tool, you can easily detect most of the bad links on your website and be able to fix them. To get this one going, head over to and provide your website URL at the given box. Hit the "Start" button and the tool wilauto crawl through your website's​ pages and present a report of all the broken links it can find.

While Dr. Link Check seems to be quite an awesome tool for checking broken links, it's only limited to crawl a maximum of 1,000 links. Once it reaches the limit, the crawling will stop automatically and you'll be asked to pay $10 in other to check up to 3,000 plus links. So i recommend Dr link check to those who have small blogs. If perhaps your blog contains alot of links, then you can try other available alternatives.
Official Website:

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is one of the best tools you can use to check for broken links on your website. The software comes in two different versions, (free and paid) and it can give accurate reports of all the bad URLs on your blog. The SEO spider lite allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs, but you can upgrade to enjoy unlimited checkings. To begin with, head over to screamingfrom and download SEO spider.

When you open the seo spider software, you will be greeted with a familiar interface. So all you'll need to do is type your website url in the spider box, then hit the "Start' button. SEO spider will automatically crawl all the links on your website pages and present to you all the 404 broken links. Also using SEO spider, you can view the source of the dead links when you click on the "inlinks" tab. This makes it easier to locate and fix those broken links without stress.
Official website

5. Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is one of the old but yet reliable software that you can use to check websites for broken links. The app verifies link on normal style sheets and it displays a frequently updated list of URL that you can sort by different criteria. Xenu's Link Sleuth brings a simple user interface, and it can re-check broken links when you've a network error. So to get this one over and done with, head over to xenu's link sleuth website and download the software on your PC. Launch the tool, enter your site URL and wait till it automatically crawl your webpage for broken links. Overall xenu's link sleuth does a great job when it comes to finding broken links on your website.
Official website


There are a lot of online site link checker tools that can help you detect your website's broken links, you can also make use of broken links checker plugin which you can use on your WordPress blog, and also the Google webmaster tool really servers as broken link checker,  site link checker and test link checker tool. We have listed the best online broken link checker tool,  if you feel we missed any other cool broken link checker tool,  feel free to notify using the comments. 

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