Wednesday, 9 August 2017 How To Create Proton Email account

Create proton email account
Did you know that there are lots of alternatives to creating a mail apart from Gmail?  Did you think about encrypting all your mails before? If Yes,  you can create proton email account, i believe you have your problem solved.

Proton emails are all encrypted on its server that its only you that has access to it, not even the server operators could decipher it. once you exchange mails with another proton account user consider it encrypted that means your secret is in safe hands. you can equally send mails to other mail users and it is still safe because it operates a standard for email encryption [inline OpenPGP], other users can also send you encrypted emails too without going to create proton email account.

All your data’s  are being governed by the government of Switzerland because protonmail and its servers are located there.

When you want to create proton  email account, you would be required to provide some of your personal details even an alternate email address.

Its interesting to note that ProtonMail account can equally be called anonymous email address.

How To Create A Proton Email Account

First,  visit protonmail sign up page at in your browser
Tap on “select free plan” right under select your protonMail Account type for a free account

you should bear in mind that there different s types of packages so you choose which that is convinient for you

  • Input the username you wish to use as your protonMail email address[rather than chosing username under username and domain]
  • Input your desired password that would allow you access to your protonMail account and equally confirm the password
  • At this stage,input the encryption password for your mails, choose a mailbox password and confirm mailbox password under mailbox password.[this is the password that would allow you access your encrypted emails and be able to decipher it locally]
  • Here add a recovery email address[that is optional].
  • Finally, click on create account


Below we would show you how to login to your protonMail account, you can use your browser or the application to login to your account.

How To Login To ProtonMail Account

With your browser you can go to its web page at [make sure your browser has a valid certificate]

if you want to make use of the application, make sure you have the official app which you can download here protonmail app for andriod or protonmail app for iOS.

Public ProtonMail PGP Key – Download
For you to have your public PGP key you have to;

Make sure you login to the protonMail webpage
Go to settings from the navigation icon
Click the keys tab
Follow the PUBLIC KEY link in the download area.
At this stage you can now share your key with everybody whom you wish to send you encrypted mails at the protonmail.but there email services should use inline OpenPGP format with your own PGP key for easy decryption by protonMail.



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