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How to Pay for Dstv/Gotv Subscription Online using Flashme Cash Recharge Card

Most homes have Dstv or Gotv installed in their homes which comes with lots of channels which you can view with your Television.  Paying for Dstv subscription don't necessarily involve visiting a Dstv or Gotv outlet, technology advancement has made it easier to pay for Gotv online either with your ATM card or recharge card or various dstv payment options.  

Due to the introduction of the recharge card by Multichoice through flashmecash that is powered by FCMB, Pay for digital Tv has being easy and convenient for dstv and Gotv user that does not pay more than N1,500 per month which will be N1,800 in April. The recharge card comes in two version 1,500 Gotv plus or Dstv Access and 1000 Gotv, which also will be N1200. After the upgrading by changing the process for paying the subscription which now allows users to pay and get their decoder active in 15min, This has being working well for Dstv users but Gotv users has being having problems getting the decoder active in 15minutes. In this post i will show the process i do use in getting it active for by client in 15mins,

How to Pay for Dstv/Gotv Online 

Is it Possible to Pay for Dstv online? 
Yes,  it's possible. This method requires paying after purchasing  the recharge card from any dstv or gotv agents. The normal process is to follow the steps ate the back. i.e Send a text message in this format Rc GOtv IUC Number secret pin to 30333 Example Rc Gotv xxxxxxxxxx 123456781256 to 30333 and for Dstv Send RC DStv Smartcard number secret pin to 30333
After some minutes then you will receive a message for the reference Number.
Most of the Time The process above does not work for Gotv user. I mean the account will not be active despite the transaction being successful and you will have to call the customer care again which involves extra cost which every will try to avoid due to the charges of the calls to them.
The process below will solve the problem for you.
  • Select the account you want to pay into either Dstv or Gotv
  • Enter the details of the owner of Account
  • Then click on okay at the bottom
  • Another page will come up asking you to proceed
  • Click and the payment details will be made available to You.
  • On the payment details
  • On top of it you will see reference Number
  • Copy and Keep.
  • Your account will definitely be active in 15minutes or less
Note: Whenever you are paying for dstv or Gotv subscription ensure your decoder is put ON and it has a good signal.
If you are experiencing signal problem kindly contact you local installer to fix it for you and if it is you Gotv kindly perform Autoscan and check If your antenna is positioned right. 



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