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Mobile Data Symbols: Meaning Of 2G, E, H, H+, 3G And 4G Networks

As we awaits the 5G Technology,  various smartphones has various internet networks ranging from Of 2G, E, H, H+, 3G And 4G Networks. Before purchasing a smartphone,  you need to check the Network Specifications of your phone before purchasing it. Your Network mode determined the speed of your internet. Whenever we turn on our mobile data,  you will notice a network symbol but some people are ignorant of what the network symbol implies. These symbols re ranges from: 2G, E, H, H+, 3G and 4G networks and it basically indicates that you are connected to the internet. 

Mobile Data Symbols: Meaning Of 2G, E, H, H+, 3G And 4G Networks

Knowing the basic knowledge of your network data symbols when surfing the web helps a lots most especially when you wish to download huge files and then use 2G instead of 4G internet connection. 

Below are the meaning of various internet connections and their meanings 

1. 2G GSM stands for Global System For Mobile Communications. It has an internet speed of 2kb/s maximum download speed. It's the slowest internet data speed. 

2. G GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It has a maximum download speed of 7kb/s.

3. E EDGE  stands for Enhanced Data Rate For GSM evolution. Devices with Edge Connection has 27kb/s  maximum download speed.

4. 3G UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems. It is the beginning of 3G revolution with 48kb/s maximum download speed.

5. H HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access. Devices with HSPA has 0.9MB/s maximum download speed.

6. H+ HSPA+ stands for Evolved High Speed Access. This is the advancement of 3G Network with 2MB/s maximum download speed.

7. 4G LTE stands for Long Time Evolution. 4G lte devices has 12.5MB/s maximum download speed.

8. 4G LTE - A stands for Long Time Evolution Advanced. It is the fastest internet speed with 125MB/s maximum download speed.

Now when you want to switch on your Mobile data,  you are aware which network selection to put on. 



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