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How To Stream Movies from Phone to Ps4

Did you know you can connect your phone to your Play Station 4 and watch videos directly on the PS4? 
Of course yes! It's very possible. You can even stream and watch videos directly on your TV with the help of a ChromeCast. I will be guiding you on how to connect your Android phone to your PS4.

Watching videos on a bigger screens is more interesting when it comes to quality video experience. That's one of the reasons people go for phones with bigger screens, but it can't still be compared when been watched on TV.

Today's tutorial will be focused on connecting your android phone to your PS4 and watch media content directly on TV. This will be made possible by an Android app called Pixel Media Server.

Pixel Media Server offers basic functionality. However, it does allow you to browse the entire folder structure of your smartphone and locate all your media. If you want an app with a little more design, you can try outBubble UPnP and iMedia Share.

Bubble UPnP is quite powerful, but you need to buy a full license to use it if you must stream for more than 30 minutes. The license costs $4.50 with an in-app purchase.

iMedia Share is simple and it condenses all your streamable media into Photos, Videos, and Music folders when viewed on your PS4. However, it pulls in system images and audio sounds, which you probably don’t need to see. Therefore, Pixel media Server is your best medium  for streaming to your PS4.


√ First, download from the link below and install Pixel Media Server on your Android smartphone. 

√ Open the application and tap DMS Name to give a name to your device.

√ Tap Share Folder to select which folder you want to share.

√ Tap the Play button at the bottom to start Pixel Media Server.

√ Turn on your PS4 and ensure that it is on the same WiFi network as your Android smartphone.

√ Open the media player on your PS4

√Select the Pixel Media Server drive

√ Navigate to the folders to locate and stream photos, videos and music files from your phone.

That's all friends. Hope you find this useful? Please comment and share.

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