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How to Shop Safely on Aliexpress | Aliexpress login | Begineer Guide

Most people consider purchasing from online as scam activities and this makes its hard for online shopping sites. Thanks to trusted online shopping like Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, that have gained the trust of buyers online, this has helped improved the world of e-commerce.

Ali express is one of the well known international shipping mall where you purchase things online and get them delivered to the nearest post office in your LGA. For those that don't know how to import products or goods from China to Nigeria,  Ghana and other countries,  this guide explain how it can be done with Aliexpress, one of the biggest online stores in China
Before explaining how to successfully purchase products or goods from Aliexpress, we would like to explain few frequent questions asked about AliExpress. 
When was AliExpress Launched? 
Launched in 2010, is an online shopping mall which was formed mostly for small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. It is owned by Alibaba. Similar to eBay, sellers on Aliexpress can be either companies or individuals.

Who is the founder of AliExpress?

Ma Yun, popularly known as Jack Ma is the founder of AliExpress. He is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of Internet-based businesses.
Peng Lei, a Chinese business person is also a founder of Aliexpress. She is one of the founders of the Chinese e-commerce business group Alibaba Group.

Where is AliExpress store located?

Sellers on Aliexpress are based mainly in China and are each issued a unique store number on AliExpress. There is limited information about the stores and how they verify their sellers. 

How long it take to ship AliExpress Products?

AliExpress varies in various countries. AliExpress shipping to most West African countries takes about 2 to 4 weeks for your order to arrive our shores.

Do your products deliver to your doorstep?

AliExpress delivery is quite different from other local shopping mall. They don’t ship goods directly to your home address, they will drop your order at the nearest post office in your Local Government. So, you can either send someone to pick it up or preferably, you go pick your delivery yourself.
If you’re lucky enough, a deliveryman can get these products down to your house.

Why should I buy from AliExpress?

There are lots of benefits they could get when they buy things from AliExpress. Apart from buying things very cheap, Ali store has some really nice benefits;
  • They have over 100 million products.
  • You can review and read user’s reviews before buying things.
  • Secure payment.
  • They offer buyer’s protection so you can shop with confidence.
  • Round the clock customer assistance.
  • It is safe to order for goods on AliExpress.
  • You can contact suppliers.
  • Goods get delivered to Nigeria in less than 30 days.
  • You can shop on the go with their mobile application on Android and iOS.

How can I order for goods from AliExpress?

It’s very easy to order goods on AliExpress. Below is the guide on how to shop on AliExpress 

How To Buy from AliExpress 

Below are the steps to buy from Aliexpress:

1. Visit Aliexpress Official Website

You can access AliExpress, you can shop by directly accessing their site at or download the Aliexpress application from app store for free. Of course like other online shopping sites, the first thing you should do is create your account on the platform.

2. Search for Product to Purchase

Access the site, search by categories or by typing keywords associated with the specific item you are planning to purchase. 

3. Select Item

Click the item you are wish to purchase and you will be redirected to the details of the product. Check the product details to see if it conforms to your taste.
Possible Product Page Details
  1. Price: This is the cost of the product per unit sale. 
  2. Discount Price: Some sellers offer discounts on their products or discounts in purchasing in large quantities.
  3. Color/Size: This shows the colors and sizes available for you to choose.
  4. Shipping: This shows the available shipping method to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the shipping company you will prefer so as to reach your country address. 
  5. Quantity: This is where to place the quantity of your order.
  6. Total Price: The total amount you will pay for that particular order.

4. Seller's Credibility Status

Check the seller’s credibility to know if it is safe to buy from your product seller company. 
Before completing your order,  ensure you check the genuity ofche seller.  This can be done by checking the detailed sellers ratings.  Below is the full breakdown of checks the detailed seller ratings. 
What is Detailed Seller Ratings?
Detailed Seller Ratings are completely anonymous ratings left by the buyer after transactions have been completed. These ratings provide a complete picture of the seller’s performance. Detailed Seller Ratings are a part of the site’s overall feedback system, which has three detailed options for buyers to evaluate a seller’s service and items. The Detailed Seller Ratings are based on a one- to five-star scale. Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest rating.
How to check Detailed Seller Ratings?
  • When you view product page or the seller’s store page, you can find information about the detailed seller rating just below the seller’s overall positive feedback.
  • You can also find more detailed information by clicking the “Feedback Score” button located in the navigation bar of seller’s store page.
  • Under feedback, you may also check the comments of other customers who have bought the same item you are eyeing. Sometimes other buyers attached real photos of the item, check those to see its actual appearance.

5. Select shipping method

Choose the shipping method you wish to go ahead with. There are items which offer free shipping but this would normally take a lot of time before your order will arrive. Or you may opt to choose the method that will cost you extra cost but will take your order delivery faster and delivered at your doorstep. If you opt to choose free shipping normally your items will be delivered to your nearest post office.
  • If You’ll Select Aliexpress Standard Shipping: Normally No Custom Duty Or Less Chance of Custom Duty.
  • If You’ll Select China/HongKong/Singapore Post: Normally No Custom Duty Or Less Chance of Custom Duty.
  • If You’ll Select DHL Or FedEx: 100% Chance of Custom Duty Because DHL Or FedEx Pays Custom From Your Side and Also Handles All The Custom Procedure. And Deliver Product To You, Only If You’ll Pay All The Custom Charge To DHL or FedEx.

6. Place order

Next, click Buy Now, but before placing your order verifies your shipping address first, the quantity of your order and the shipping company you’ve chosen. Click Place Order after you have completed all required information.

7. Fill card payment details

On the checkout page, choose the credit card you want to use and complete the required details then click Pay My Order. Your payment will be held securely by Escrow and is only released to the supplier after you confirm satisfactory receipt of your order.

8. Await shipping

Click Back to Order to see your order details. Wait for the supplier to ship your order; you can opt to contact the supplier for more information.

9. Keep track of order

After the supplier has shipped your order, click Tracking to track your order. Once you have received the full shipment of your order, inspect all items carefully. If you are satisfied with your order, click Confirm Order Receive but if not click Open Dispute.

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That’s basically everything you need to know when buying and shipping goods from China’s AliExpress from Nigeria (remember to click the link >> to start buying gadgets at an affordable price), perhaps you might want to check out the tips to remember when buying from AliExpress.
Have you started shipping goods from China?
Have you previously bought something online from AliExpress?
Do you have helpful tips for people who are new to AliExpress online shopping?
If you have answers to these questions, I’d be glad if you will take a few secs to help others learn more about how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria.



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