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How To Share Your Internet Vpn From Your Phone Using VPN Tethering

Internet Vpn helps to browse free and anonymously on your PC and smart phones.  There are lots of free Android Vpn ranging from Psiphon handler,  XP psiphon, Edge X 2017, Queencee Vpn and lots more.  Most problems android users have when using this VPN app is the inability to tether or share the internet VPN connection to other devices.

Although we earlier discussed how to use Pdanet+ to share VPN connection to your PC or desktop which required USBcable to tether internet connection to your PC.  Today,  I bring forth to you VPN Tethering app that will eliminate any forms of poor connectivity and as well, save the stress from complex and annoying connection.

VPN Tethering is an app for sending connection to any other hotspot enabled device. Pdanet+ makes use of USB cable while VPN tethering make use of hotspot which will make it easier to connect. Additionally, hotspot speed is as fast as a moving plane.


How to Share Internet VPN Connection Using VPN Tethering App

Your phone must be rooted and must have a good connection.

  • First, download and install VPN Tethering app from the link below.
  • Next, Launch the VPN Tethering app and then the VPN app you wish to use (tweakware, stark VPN, psiphon e.t.c) and connect.
  • Turn on your Hotspot and turn on Wi-Fi on the device receiving the connection (any device) and connect 
  • Go to VPN Tethering app and tap on VPN via hotspot or simply tap on the middle big button to connect and start sharing your Internet VPN Connection. 

Using this method will definitely allow you share your internet connection on PC and as well with using USB cable, enjoy the maximum connection speed from your smartphone to PC or any other devices.

Download Link
VPN Tethering app apk Download 

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while connecting your VPN tethering app to other devices, feel free to ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!



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