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How To Pay For Facebook Ads Using Naira Visa Master Card

Facebook Marketing has helped advertise and promote your business and website. Facebook is one of the most popular Social Network and it is visited by over millions of persons daily. Running Facebook ads with Naira Card has been quite impossible because of the limit in Nigeria Debit Cards. Naira card payment with PayU has made payments for FaceBook Ads in naira has available since before now, but because of the current situation of the economy in the country, banks now decline to make payments for Facebook ads in Naira, and insist that customers should pay for ads in the merchant's unit of currency which is US dollars. But the good news is that a few days ago, making payments for Facebooks ads in Naira became possible again using PAYU NG.
How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU

However, the new developments were only available to new customers who just opened a new ads accounts after the development. Old and existing customers were left out, then Facebook deactivated all their ads accounts for days, and this evening, they all got new ads account, and payment with PayU became automatically active in it. So in this article, you are going to learn how you can make payments on FaceBook, and then you will be charged in Naira, and no more USD.

How To Pay For Facebook Ads Using Naira Visa Master Card

1.    To get started, you need to create a Facebook ads account. Creating ads account is quite easy, once you log on to your Facebook account, click on Ads Manager, then your ads account will be created.

2.   Now, you will have to create your promotion or anything you want to promote on Facebook. (I trust you already know how to do that)

3.    After editing your promotion and it is ready to be promoted, click on the promote button located at the button, and then you will be taken to the payments section.

How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU, How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU payments options

4.    In the payments section, you will see Two or Three payments option which will be Payoneer, PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, and Naira Card Payment with PayU

5.   Now click on Payments with PayU, then the screen below will appear, just click on Continue

How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU
6.   When you click on continue, you will be taken to the next page where you will enter the amount you wish to fund your account with. Type in the amount you want, the naira sign will auto add itself.

How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU

7.    On the next page, you will see the amount of money you typed in, click on Continue to confirm it, or click on Back if you wish to make any change(s)

8.    Once you click on continue, a new browser window will pop-up. If you follow the steps correctly, the browser will surely pop up.

How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Naira with PayU

9.    In the new browser window, Choose payments with a card, once you begin to type in your card details, it will detect whether it is a Master Card or Visa Card. (Verve cards are currently unsupported)

10. After filling out your card details, click on pay/continue. You will be asked for your 4 digits online banking code. Then click on pay.

11. Your request will be processed, and if you did everything correctly, you would receive a success notification, and the new browser window will automatically close by itself.

So that is all you will need. If you encounter any challenge, feel free to tell us, and we will assist you



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