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How to install iOS 11 beta 3 without developer account and a computer

Apple, iPhone had just release the iOS 11 beta 3 for developers, with this release you can only install the iOS 11 beta 3/if you have a developers account, and the installation have to take place on a computer, the iOS beta 3 came with great improvements, annoying bugs has been fixed, such as the unresponsive screen, hangings, slowing and some other bugs, if you are a user of iPhone or iPad, and wish to install the iOS 11 beta 3 on your phone but feel sad for not having a developers account, do not worry we have a simple hack to enable you install the ios 11 beta 3 on either your iPhone or iPad without the developers account, and a computer.
IOS 11

How to Install iOS 11 Beta 2 without a Developers account:

This tutorial is categorized into two, the first one pays attention to those who had already installed the iOS 11 beta 1 and 2, while the second one focuses on iOS devices that had never received the iOS 11 beta update, so now we begin with the first one.

How to install iOS 11 beta 3 on iOS beta 1,2:

If you already have the iOS beta 1 installed on your phone

  • First download and reinstall the iOS 11 beta software by clicking here. (Use safari browser)
  • Now tap on the iOS 11 beta (updated) option, and install the updated iOS 11 beta profile.
  • It will automatically prompt you to restart your device, click on restart to continue, 
  • wait for the device to fully restart itself, if rebooted successfully navigate to Settings>General>Software Update tap on download and install button to install iOS 11 beta 3

How to install iOS 11 Beta 2 on previous IOS versions

if you are installing the iOS 11 beta 2 for the first time.

  • grab your iOS device then head over to this link, make sure to use Safari browser, not any other one just Safari to access that link
  • The above link will automatically redirect you to the official iOS Beta software profile, on the profile page tap on the install button three times, then select the reboot option
  • If rebooted successfully navigate to Settings > General > Software update, the iOS 11 beta OTA update should be available for download on your device, please wait for the download should come up, at it may take some few minutes to come up, or restart your iPhone or iPad and try again
Now download and install the iOS 11 Beta 3 as usual, if you have any troubles, installing the iOS beta 3 on your iPhone or iPad do hesitate to ask your questions through the comment box.



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