Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How To Go Live On Instagram Android / iPhone

Live feature on Instagram is a new features update which includes New Disappearing Videos after 24 hours.

You can now go live on Instagram and video record what you are doing or where you are which can be viewed on the timeline of your followers. The new Instagram feature which was added to make Instagram more enhance and fun and introducing it made it one of the social media competitors with records of millions using Instagram.

 If you have ever wanted to share fun and serious moments with your friends and families not closer to you it can be birthday party, Your hangout with friends or your happiest moment Instagram live video can serve well.
When we talked about Instagram live video is that feature in Instagram that can help you share that your best moment with pals and families. And when you go live on Instagram people who follow you will get notifications and while is filming you can simply pin a comment and let everyone see it or you turn it off.

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However, If your question is on how to go live on Instagram we are going to help you do that, Just follow the steps below.

Steps On How To Go Live On Instagram on Android / iPhone

1. Download the Instagram App first either from Google play or App store (If you already have it,  update yours to the latest version)
2. After downloading click on the Instagram app icon to open.
3. Swipe right on the main screen to get to the camera.
4. Then Swipe left along the bottom of the screen to go from ‘ Normal’ to ‘Live’
5. Tap the “ Start Live Video ” button to go live on Instagram.

You can now share live videos on instagram! Having go live on Instagram you can send notification to friends when you go live so they can tune in and watch that moment you want them to watch. The video is a 10-second video clips with the videos disappearing after 24 hours.
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