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How To Get MTN Free Unlimited MB From MyMTN App

MTN has been whooping free 100MB to its subscribers.  Learn how to get MTN 100MB free MyMtnApp. Most MTN data subscribers are in search of the latest Mtn cheat 2017, in this post,  Xclusivetek will explain mtn free browsing cheat codes with unlimited data downloads using MyMTNapp unlimited. Glo users are enjoying unlimited data using Tweakware VPN on Android and Betagol VPN on PC

How To Get MTN Free Unlimited MB From MyMTN App 
First subscribe to MyMTN App by sending Myapp to 131. You will receive a message saying:
" Dear customer, You now have a bonus of 100MB valid for 3days for downloading MyMTN App. Kindly dial *559*4# to check balance. "
You will be given free 100MB which you can use without the aid of VPN.

Now this is how to make it unlimited.  Send Stop Myapp to 131. You will get this message
Y'ello, you have unsubscribed from Myapp. To subscribe to Myapp again, send Myapp to 131.

Now subscribe to MyMTN App by sending Myapp to 131 and you will get another 100MB. Unsubscribe from MyMTN app and resubscribe to get another MB.  Keeping doing it and keep accumulating your MB.

You can continue to get accumulate the MB till you get the message below:
Y'ello, your subscription fails because you are in the blacklist.

This means you cannot get the MyMTN app MB accumulated on the SIM again.  Not to worry,  get another MTN SIM and begin the process again.
I got up-to 1GB which I am using to wrote this article.  LOL
Did you get yours?  Will like to hear from you using the comment. 



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