Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How To Get Free N6000 Airtime Glo Welcome Back

This is another battle that Globacom has raised for all other telecoms companies because they just announced recently their new offer called GloWelcomeBack  for all glo subscribers .


This platform is available for glo subscribers who have dump their glo sim for over 30 Days,Globacom are using this opportunity to bring back their lost subscribers i.e it is available for customers who haven't recharged or make use of their Glo sim for over 30 days.

With this GloWelComeBack platform created subscribers can now get N600 bonus when you recharge your line with just N100 note that it is not N600 for N100 but N100 for N600. The bonuses can be used for call and for browsing on the internet.

But still we want you to get something clear the N600 is divided into two of which will be highlighted and explained below;

  • N400: this is mend for calls only and cannot be used for browsing
  • N200: this is mend for browsing which is the 50MB you get once you recharge

Keep all those in mind should in case you exhaust you bonus for browsing or for calling.
Now this will blow your mind glo will be offering N6,000 (N4000 for calling while N2000 for browsing)
bonus for just N1000 recharge with that imagine what you could do.

You Might Ask Yourself This;How Does GloWelcomeBack Works?

It is not something that is very difficult to achieve all you need to do is to
  • search for your dumped glo sim we mean the one that you havn't used for a month or more than 
  • Insert in the glo sim on your phone and await a message that will confirm your eligibility
  • Once that is done,hurry on and recharge your line with the amount stated in the text message that you received
  • Finally just dial  #122*34# to check your account balance and you will be surprised.

You can't use the bonus credit to subscribe for data bundles but you can use it to browse and make calls. To get more bonuses, you need to recharge with more money. For instance, the N1,000 recharge gives you the full unlock bonus of N6,000 (N4,000 for calling while N2,000 for browsing).

Too bad that you can't use the bonus credit to subscribe for data bundles but  can only be used to browse and make calls .In order for you to get more bonuses,you will need to recharge with more money on your Sim



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