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How to Create Swisscoin Sic Web Wallet

How to Create Swisscoin Sic Web Wallet
Crypocurrency is taking over the online market,  from Bitcoin,  now moving in to swisscoin and altcoin. It is important you learn how to create your own web wallet so that you can be able to transfer all your Swisscoins to the wallet easily and without much stress. Below are simple steps to guide you to create your own web wallet.

How to Create Swisscoin Sic Web Wallet

Firstly, you are to login to your back office at

Then follow the steps consistently;

1. When you’re logged in, click on Basic Data >>My Data

2. Below your profile, you would see where it’s captioned “Create sic wallet” click it

3. You would be taken to a new tab for you, click on the red box and enter a powerful password you can easily remember that is within 9 characters. Use combination of small and big letters, also digits and special characters are included.

4. Now save your password in a location you would not forgot.

5.  Click on the button captioned “Generate Wallet”, it is usually blue in colour.

6. Save and download your “Keystone file” in a secure location.

7. Copy down your private key in a safe location too

8. Save your SIC address.

9. Click on the tab with Access existing wallet and select the keystone file

Then Enter your safe keystone file

10.  Enter your password and you would be logged into your Sic web wallet.

Easy does it, Now you’ve created your Sic wallet address.

You can also connect your Sic Wallet address to your Backoffice

All you need to do is;

Login to your Dashboard
Click on Basic Data>>MyData>> Edit your profile and add to your Sic Wallet address to field provided below.
Please also note that you need to create this wallet otherwise you won’t be able to transfer your coins from your dashboard

If you encounter any difficulties during this process, don’t object to drop it in the comment box below, and we will help you out.



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