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How to Create an Amazon Account Sign up Free

How to Create an Amazon Account
Amazon is one of the largest online shopping mall which offers products ranging from books,  clothes,  phones,  laptops an DC lots more.  You can easily check products sold on Amazon without registration but If you wish to buy or sell products on Amazon,  you have to sign up and create an account.

How to Create an Amazon Account 
Creating your Amazon Account is free and can be done in few minutes. Below are the steps to create an amazon account free:

1. Visit Amazon official website
2. At  the top right-hand corner, at the “Your Account.” drop-down, Click on the “Start Here” link close to the “Sign In” button.
3. Input your personal information.
• Input your name and email address in the appropriate columns
• Input a strong password (ensure you use special characters and your password should have at least eight (8) characters for security reasons)
• Input your phone number. This is not mandatory, but it provides better account protection. Don't be scared, Amazon won't disturb you with callbor unnecessary messages.
4. Once you have filled the appropriate form, click “Create Account.” You will be redirected immediately to Amazon’s welcome page.

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You have successfully created an official account with Amazon.



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