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How To Change Mobile Network and Keep the Same Number

Can i keep my landline phone number if i switch providers?

Moving your mobile number to another network involves you switching your mobile network provider while maintaining your current phone number. Yes,  It is possible to do so but some people think it's very possible.  It's like porting from one networks to another and retaining your landline phone number .

How To Change Mobile Network and Keep the Same Number

You may have your own reason(s) why you need to switch your phone number service provider. You should be aware that switching network providers is not the same as retrieving a lost SIM card.  Retrieving a lost SIM card with the phone number is known as "Welcome Back". You still retain in the same service provider but get back your lost or stolen SIM card phone number.  
In UK, it is a very straight forward procedure to move your phone number from one network to another, all you need is a PAC code and the rest of the steps will be as easy as ABC. Before I give you the steps to follow, you might want to know about the PAC code and how to obtain it.
PAC codes (Porting Authorization codes) are a code needed to port from one network to network. It is usually a nine digit number containing three letters followed by six digit numbers (something like PQR 234 567). The process of porting is completely free thus all you need to is listed below.
The Procedures Made Easy
Start by obtaining the PAC code from your old network: This can be done by contacting the customer care department of your current network. On contacting your customer care line, you’ll be passed to the customer retention team from which you can make your request and in the next 2hrs, you’ll receive the code. If they refuse, you are to remind them of their legal obligations. Your PAC code once issued is valid for the next 30 days meaning you must keep it safe plus your old plan needs to be active until the phone number transfer is completed and if the 30 days run out and you were unable to finalize the transfer, that simply means you’ll have to start all over again, thus, demands accuracy and efficiency.
Get a new sim card: The next step from here will be to order a new sim card. As usual, you’ll be given a temporary number you could use until the processes are finalized.
Contact your new mobile network: You should Give them your PAC code to your new network through an online form or by contacting them directly with your phone. You’re phone number transfer will be scheduled for the next day which after will be irreversible once the procedure is completed.
N/B: If you are buying your new mobile number online it is expected that you;

√ Contact your service provider for a PAC code.
√ Choose a mobile handset and network tariff of our choice and order.
√ Your phone will be sent to you while you have passed any credit check.
√ Will be connected through the instructions you will receive and once connected, a temporary phone number will sent to your phone.
√ Contact your new mobile number’s service provider and give them the number you wish to port to along with your PAC code.
√ Your old number will be replaced with the new in the next two working days but in the case of weekend, it may be delayed.

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