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How to Download Paid Apps from Google Playstore Free 2017

Google Playstore is Android app store where you can download both paid and free Android applications and games. It is easy to access and use but only requires a gmail account to login.
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Most people find it annoying to search for their favorite application or games on Playstore and find a price tag attached to it. 
Why should I Pay for Apps that I will Download?
Yes, some people derive pleasure paying for application because they feel it has some special or unique features while other ponder how to download android paid apps for free. In this article, you will be enlightened how to download paid apps for free on android without root

 How to Download Paid Apps from Google Playstore Free

There are two basic medium to download paid games for free and paid apps for free on android without root.  
1.Via Google Search
 You can easily search for your favorite paid app or games on google search with the . apk after the name and find sites that have the download links. 
For example, you would like to download Nova Launcher Prime, you will Google search Nova launcher prime.apk and see sites where you can find the download links and shown in the screenshots below
That is the method wisely known and used by everyone. But there is an alternative method If you can't five the app download link from Playstore or too lazy to search on Playstore, then the second method will favor you.

2. Using Appvn
Appvn is an app store collection of various paid and free games that you can download free without paying. 99% of paid apps and games can be found on Appvn. You easily search the paid apps or Games you are wish to download from Playstore and share it to Appvn to download it for free. Learn more on how to download paid apps for free on android without root with Appvn in the link below

How to download paid apps for free on android without root with Appvn

This post is for educational purpose and not to hack or crack Google Playstore.

These are the two best ways to download paid apps for free from Google Playstore. You have other medium which you download yours and is not listed above, feel free to share using the comments. 
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