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How to Download Instagram Video on Android

Instagram is one of the best social media that allows you to share your videos and pictures as well as viewing your followers own. Viewing Instagram video or photo online with the app or web can be data consuming everytime so there is need to instagram photo or video to your iPhone,  Android or other smart phones. Instagram app at default hinders you from download instagram photos or video online but with some little trick,  you can download it offline to your smartphone. 
The easiest medium to download instagram photos is by screenshot with your phone and then coping it but you can't download video instagram that way

How To Download Instagram Video on Android 

There are lots of medium which you can use to download instagram video online but in this tutorial, it will be based in using Ucmini.

Instagram App (Download Now)
UC Mini browser (Download Now)

Below are the steps to download instagram instagram video offline:
✔️Login to your Instagram account using the Instagram App and locate the video you want to download and click on the 3 dots and the right hand side of the video.

✔️Once you have clicked on the 3 dots, you will see a pop-up with some options like share on whatsapp, Report, copy share URL etc kindly click on the Copy Share URL to copy the video URL link

✔️After clicking on the Copy Share URL option, you will see a loading sign just let it finish it's loading and you will see this notification below the video post.
Once you see this notification just minimize or exit your instagram
✔️Open your UC mini browser and click and hold the URL box and you will see paste option that will popup. Click on the paste option and your instagram video URL you copied will be paste than click on GO.

✔️Once the page have load, click on the PLAY sign in the video and a pop-up will surface with different options like play Online, Download etc

Kindly click on Download and your video will start downloading.
In case the video was not able to play after, just go to your file manager and locate UC browser folder and rename the video from Uvideo to MP4 .
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