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Apple iCloud Sign in Email: Create iCloud Account |

Are you an Apple User?
If Yes,  then it's of gray importance to have an apple iCloud account so you can enjoy full benefits oh f your gadgets and have your files safe and secured.

Why do I need an Apple iCloud Email?
✔ Offers a free Email account (Your very own email address).
✔ Synchronising Contacts.
✔ Offers Synchronising and sharing Calendars and Reminders
✔ Synchronising Notes.
✔ Synchronising Safari Bookmarks, Tabs and Reading List.
✔ Photo Stream and backup
✔ Documents in the Cloud.
Meanwhile, all of these features listed can be enabled and disabled using System Preferences by toggling the checkbox for each of them.

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Importance Of Apple iCloud Email
To enjoy full privilege and features of your Apple, you need an iCloud ID (Apple ID). Moreover, an iCloud ID is an iCloud Email Login ID that is used to log into any of your Apple devices, the iCloud internet site, and iCloud for home windows in which you can easily access information for iCloud, iMessages, App Store and iTunes purchases, FaceTime, and other Apple related devices.
Moreover, creating an iCloud account is free and offers free 5GB cloud storage data

Apple iCloud Email Sign Up 
• To sign up for an iCloud account, you must be using an iCloud enabled device whether iPhone,  iPad, Mac or other related Apple devices. This is because Apple iCloud sign-up can only be done with a compatible iCloud Apple device.

• Open the System Preferences and then select iCloud. To Sign up iCloud account you need to have an Apple ID which is more like a user ID. Therefore, if you have ever purchased anything from the App Store or iTunes, you already have an Apple ID.

• Simply sign in with your existing Apple ID information (this will be the email address and password you use for making iTunes or app purchases) and you’ll be prompted to create a new iCloud account.

• If you are new using your Mac system, don’t bother much m because I will show you how you can set up an Apple ID if you haven’t purchased from Apple store before.
So, click on Create an Apple ID
Enter some basic information such as name, address, date of birth as required.
Thereafter, set up a password and some security questions to secure your account.
You can specify if you’d like to create a new email address with iCloud or if you already have an email address yo want to continue using.
You’ve now created an Apple ID ready to use with iCloud. Moreover, you will also be able to use this for any iTunes or app purchases you might like to make in the future.
To begin using iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID (it will already be signed in if you just created your Apple ID) and you’ll be prompted if you’d like to use iCloud’s services as well as Find My Mac.

Apple iCloud Email Login Account from PC or Mac
1. Visit Apple iCloud official adress
2. At the iCloud homepage click on “Create yours now” then a window will be displayed for creating iCloud account.
3. Input your iCloud/Apple ID. Make sure that email address is not associated with another iCloud or Apple ID.
♦ Now, input your password, it must have at least 8 or more characters, Upper & Lowercase letters & at least one number. Example: Cal2d29.
♦ Enter your name & date of birth.
♦ Select your choice security questions and write the answers (Note down the Security questions in a safe place for future reference).
♦ After that select your country..
Uncheck the options of newsletter if you don’t want to receive any of them.
4. Complete the Captcha code as specified and Click on Continue.
5. Meanwhile, your verification code will be sent to your given email address.
In addition, upon receiving the code just copy and paste the verification code.
6. Then click on Verify and then agree to the iCloud Terms & Condition and proceed for the next step.
Thereafter, you can upload your photo. Choose the language of your choice to start using you new iCloud Email Login account.

How To Create iCloud Account (Apple ID) With iOS Devices

  • Open the setting tab in your iOS Device.
  • Click on the “iCloud” tab and to open the menu on your device.
  • If you are logged in with any other ID, You need to sign out of the device.
  • Click on “Get a Free Apple ID” tab and to start account creation.
  • Enter your date of birth, Write your full name and make sure to provide real information if you want to purchase anything in future.
  • Submit your Email Address. Here you can use your old regular email address or you can create a free email address
  • Create a strong password which is minimum of 8 Characters and contains upper & lower case of letters and at least one number.
  • Choose the security questions of your choice and answer them.
  • Add an email (optional). You can reset the password using your rescue email in future if you forget the existing password.
  • And then agree to the term & conditions. And here your account is created .
  • Opt in for the Email updates from Apple/ iCloud via E-mail (optional).

How To Create iCloud Account | Apple iCloud Email Login ID from OS X

  • Click on the Apple Menu on top left corner and select “System Preferences”.
  • Now click “iCloud” tab in System Preferences to open the iCloud setting menu.
  • Thereafter, click on “Create New Apple ID” and you will be on account creation page.
  • Enter your personal details. You can use your existing email address as your iCloud Account (Apple ID) or Get a free iCloud email address.
  • You will get verification code on given email address. Just verify it and have your new Apple account.

Steps to Access to iCloud mail, calendars, contacts, With any web browser.
1. Logon to
2. Log in to your iCloud account.
After you’re logged in, you can access mail, contacts, reminders, calendar events, documents saved in iCloud, and much more.
3. By just tapping on the icon for the service you would like to access, you will get it.

Creating an Apple iCloud email is free and easy, so If you are having difficulty creating yours hope this tutorial is if great importance to you.  You still having issues signing up feel free to ask using the comments

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