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How to Save WhatsApp Status Picture And Video to Gallery

Whatsapp Status feature was recently released by Whatsapp early this year 2017. The popular messaging app copied this feature from SnapChat, and even introduced it to its social apps - Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app.

Just like Snapchat, Whatsapp live status feature allows you to upload a short video, picture and even animation GIF. Status are seen instantly by your contacts and remains there for 24 hours, after which, it will disappear permanently.
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Have you wanted to save a picture, GIF or a video used by your contacts and found out that it's impossible? Oh really? It's really simple to save a media file used by your contacts on their Whatsapp status. I will guide you on how to make this possible. This is what I've been doing anytime i see a funny video or picture on my contact's Whatsapp status.

Funny pictures and short videos are uploaded by Whatsapp contacts, but you can only view them but can't download them to your device gallery. The only way for you to get that funny picture or video is to ask the friend to send you the original pics or video through chat. However, you can now save those statuses permanently in your device gallery without begging your friend to Share you the video or picture.

Watch Video Tutorial 

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How to Download WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to the Status you want to copy and make sure that you view it completely. If it is a video clip, make sure that you watch the video completely..

2. Go to File Manager on your phone

3. Open the SD card Storage and locate the “WhatsApp” folder

4. On the WhatsApp folder, locate “Media” folder
i.e SD card >> WhatsApp >> Media

5. Press the Option button which is usually 3 dots (depending on phone make)

6. You will see “Show hidden files” tap on it

7. Once you do that, a new folder “.Statuses” will appear at the top, that is where all multimedia shared on WhatsApp status are stored for 24 hours.

8. So what you do now is to open the folder, select and copy the ones you wish to keep to another folder (either your photos or videos folders) on your SD card.

9. They will immediately appear on your Gallery and will never disappear unless you choose to delete them.

That's all friends. Hope this saves you the stress of messaging your friends all the time to share you their Whatsapp Statuses.

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