Saturday, 1 July 2017

How To Browse And Download Unlimitedly With Glo Using JetRide VPN

Glo has been rocking freely for some weeks now and if have been following our updates on, you wouldn't miss out on any of it. However, there are several users who were unable to set up their own Glo free browsing using Anonytun VPN. So if you are among, there is something better in store for you. Thanks to Nonzo for sharing this with us, it is because of him that we get to enjoy this new Glo free unlimited browsing and download using Jetride VPN.
Glo latest free browsing

All you need to do is to download JetRide VPN from here. Then configure the app using the screenshots below.

Then make sure you have or meet these requirements

1.    Glo Sim (3G or 4GLTE will do)

2.    JetRide VPN app Download from the link below 

JetRide Vpn by Nonzo v1.2 apk Download 

3.    Setup new internet settings, then Change your phone access point to 87.900.56.7:4444/@X and tick “default and supl

4.    Open JetRide VPN and tick Remove Port”

5.    Then configure the rest of the app using the screenshot below

So that is how you can browse free and download unlimitedly with GLO using JetRide VPN. Feel free to let me know where ever you meet a bump and you will be assisted promptly.



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