Thursday, 22 June 2017

Google Launches its own Job Search Engine Features

Looking for job opportunities has now been made easier with google job search capabilities. The approach in respect to that is to assist job seekers to access the latest job opportunities around the globe using google search engine.


This feature is now available in english on both mobile and desktop and all you need to type is "job near me" or "writing jobs" in the search query and it will bring out the latest job opportunities without having to go to multiple job websites in search of duplicate postings, and irrelevant jobs.

You can additionally filter jobs by way of enterprise, region, when they had been posted, and employer.  You may also turn on notifications so that you get an immediate alert whilst a new job is published that fits your customized search query
After you find a process, google will redirect you to the job web page to begin the applications. For jobs that shows on more than one web site, google will hyperlink you to the only with the maximum entire posting.
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