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Glo 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing With Anonytun VPN

I am very glad to sharing this tips notice and developed by Xclusivetek which is I, the same author of this article to be precise lol.

Now welcome back to the free browsing world as it has been roughly a week now that we were unable to feature any free browsing tips here in Now back something interesting and quite a solution to your free browsing tips with Glo.

Glo free browsing with has really help students and youth like us during this cheat scarcity days we're now.

But now guess I have found a bug like let me just put it this way
(A very and handful tips to browse with your Glo sim with the use of Anonytun vpn + new stable settings by Xclusivetek)

Well hope I was able to make my fact clear here right? Unless you want me to spell those word for you lol.

When And How Was I Able to Found Out About This New Settings?
Well, the discovery was not that sophisticated to know about but just through 3rd party experience. And this happened when I saw my whatsapp member browsing and downloading with high speed and their least maximum speed was about 1mb/sec... Wow I know how much you must be surprise hearing this for the first time with the fact that it is Glo. Well this is a bitter true you must accept and I bet by trying this tips of mine you won't have problems getting such speed with stable connection provided you've a strong 3g network 4g if available.

So what lead to my discovery was that, people on my whatsapp group was sharing their data usage as well as speed with anonytun vpn was some was complaining bitterly as a result of their anonytun disconnection and unstable. Well I was a little frustrated also but not that much because I also try using glo with anonytun vpn, but unfortunately it didn't work out great for me and I was experiencing often disconnection. But I later overview what someone sent on my whatsapp about changing your APN to the stable network APN where you're located. For instance, I am having poor Glo network here and I decide to change it to that of Mtn since they happen to have a strong network on your area.

So I follow this tips and I innovate it to my taste and for people to benefit from my discovery.
Glo free browsing has been serving most people well and they seems to be one of the fastest network in Nigeria

Requirements For This Tips

  1. Firstly download anonytun vpn through this link 

     Download AnonyTun Vpn Apk

  2. Of course your Glo is required cause you can't expect a farmer going to farm without his own cutlass.
  3. A strong 3g or 4g network

How To Browse With High And Stable Speed With Anonytun VPN

Well, like I said earlier this cheat is really based on your APN you're using so that major deal here is we will be configuring your APN to works perfectly with Anonytun vpn.
Now change your apn with the following APN right below :
  • glofast
  • glospeed
  • glo3gvideo
  • glo4gvideo
  • glosecure
  • glointernet
  • glofastest
  • internetspeed
  • glorock

So choose carefully and make sure you test them with patience to know what works best for you among the option of alternative given above. And I will recommend you to test first four of those Apn listed above. But if I was in your sit my friend i would rather test everything cause sometimes the network fluctuate which requires you to change your apn again.
And if connected make sure yoi browse with it to test it fully that it is really working for you.

Now Back to The New Anonytun Setting Which Rocks flawlessly with Glo.

Settings For Anonytun VPN & Configuration Needed
  • Firstly open your anonytun vpn you've downloaded
  • Now click on stealth settings right above, beside the broad title bar of Anonytun.
  • It will bring a new pop with new layout, now this is where we will manipulate the host and other thing. Now careful use the following configuration to configure yours ;
Activate the stealth by clicking on it to activate it.
Connection protocol: HTTP
Connection Port : 8081
Now look tap on 'EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP Headers'
Use the following settings for this layout :
Url/Host :

Request Method: Get
Injection Method: Normal

Extra Headers
Tick 'User agent' only and leave it other untick.

Tap on generated, and now finally hit the save button settings and connect your anonytun, wait for some sec to connect and start browsing for free of charge.

And I hope you can clearly see my speed meter above. Which is 436kb/sec.

Finding any difficulty, then feel free to drop it here as it will be attended.



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